13 Times You May Want to Stay in Your Cabin

December 5, 2014

For most people, a cruise is a great opportunity to meet new people, explore new places, use the ship’s facilities and have the best time at sea that you could possibly have.

However, even the most extrovert of people need to have a little down time on occasion and when that happens, your cabin is the perfect place to be.

With a lockable door and space to call your own, your room is your private sanctuary on the ship. Here are thirteen times you might want to hang that ‘do not disturb’ sign and retreat into a space of your own:


1 – When You’re Sick

If you’re suffering from a bout of sickness – perhaps because you went heavy on the dessert table or had a few too many cocktails last night – the last thing you will want to do is to wander around the ship pretending to be peachy, when really you’re just looking out for the closest loo.

Stay in your cabin, sleep it off and you’ll be feeling shipshape again in no time or if you’re on a Cunard ship and you think seasickness is making you green around the gills, book an anti-seasickness massage to nurse you back to full health the indulgent way.


2 – When It’s “That” Time of the Month

You’re unlikely to be in the mood for socialising and pretending to be OK when, inwardly, you feel like your insides are being wrenched from your body and you want to kill anyone who even looks at you funny.

If it’s that time of the month and you’re known to be a bit or a lot ‘tetchy’ for the first day, staying in your room may help not just you but other passengers too.

Alternatively, why not book a calming massage in the spa?

Just tell the therapist to go heavy on the lavender oils.

Masseur doing massage on female shoulder in the beauty salon

3 – When You’re Hungover

Many cruises don’t include alcohol in their ‘all-inclusive’ package but that doesn’t mean that they don’t sell it.

It’s easy to get carried away on holiday – and one sundowner cocktail can quickly become four.

Fast forward to the morning after the night before and your head may be pounding so much that the light shining through the cabin porthole is enough to make you crawl back underneath the duvet. Admit defeat at the hands of one too many mojitos and stay in bed until the banging headache goes away…and then don’t even consider going near the kids pool or sports deck.

Martini Glasses on Bar

4 – When You Want Some Quiet Time

Being surrounded by so many other happy (and friendly!) holidaymakers 24/7 can become wearing and even the biggest people-person needs a bit of time to themselves in order to recharge their batteries.

If you need some quiet time, your cabin is a great place to recover from the hectic days and itineraries that a cruise holiday will offer.

The spa is also a great place to escape for some rejuvenation but spending time in your cabin is completely free!

Young woman reading a book in bed.

5 – When There’s Something Good on the TV

Staterooms and cabins tend to have TV so that you can catch up on the latest goss, even in the middle of the ocean.

P&O cruises, for example, have Splash TV and a selection of channels which not only help to you to keep in touch with news back home, but can also bring you some of the latest movies for you to snuggle up and watch and if you have kids they’ll love the Dreamworks movies on Royal Caribbean Dreamworks Experience cruises.

Sometimes, a stint in front of the gogglebox is needed – even when you’re on holiday!


6 – When You’re Trying to Avoid Someone

So, you’ve made friends with some tablemates and now they feel like they should do everything with you?

It’s great to be sociable on holiday and meeting new people is one of the joys of cruising but sometimes you just need a break from your NBFFs (New.Best.Friends.Forever).

If you feel like you’ve reached your maximum tolerance when it comes to entertaining people you barely know, take some time for yourself and relax in your room.

Stick the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and enjoy forty winks – wake up, feel refreshed and ready to face Mr and Mrs Jones once more.

Or hide in their least favourite bar. Whatever works for you.


7 – When You Can’t Put Your Book Down

We know how difficult it can be to put a good book down once you’re really into it, promising yourself that you’ll fold the corner over at the next chapter but then continuing regardless.

Books that are real page turners are impossible to put down, no matter where you are.

Rather than interrupting your imagination, keep reading – you don’t need to be poolside or on a sunlounger somewhere on deck to read… stay in your cabin, where you can’t be distracted or summoned by the kids and read right through to the epilogue!

And when you’ve finished your book from home, head to the ship’s library for peaceful reading in sophisticated surroundings. Cunard’s QM2 has over 8,000 books and is the largest library at sea!


8 – When You’re Tired

You may think that you can catch some Z’s on a sunlounger or enjoy a quick snooze on the massage table but nothing is quite like curling up in your bed, especially if you’re in a suite with a pillow choice as standard (Celebrity, Cunard and P&O to name three fleets that offer this service)!

The poolside is fab if you want to doze if you don’t mind being woken up; however, if you need to try and grab some quality beauty sleep in advance of this evening’s gala dinner or amazing show, your cabin is the only place to be.

Eyemask and earplugs will ensure that you’re snoring away in seconds, even during the daytime.

Still sleeping...

9 – When You’re After Some Quality Time With Your Other Half

Sure, spending time on a cruise is all about the experiences that you and your other half will share – both on the shore and on the ship.

However, sometimes, you just want some time together, with nobody else around *nudge, nudge…wink wink*

Perhaps it’s your anniversary and you’ve enjoyed a champagne dinner in one of the speciality restaurants…we all know what’s on the menu for dessert!

If the cruise ship’s a-rocking…!


10 – When You Need To Preen

Maybe your toenails are looking more like talons, your legs look like you’re an extra from Planet of the Apes and your hair is in dire need of a restyle because you’ve been out on the balcony during a particularly breezy morning.

Perhaps you aren’t booked into the spa or salon until tomorrow (or even the next day – horror!) and you feel like you should do some makeshift preening and grooming so that you look your best until then.

If you’re feeling particularly unkempt and you want to spend some time trying to rectify that, your cabin is the best place for it.

After all, that’s where your beauty products, your GHDs and your make-up bag are – and no-one wants to see you plucking out stray hairs poolside!


You may feel like an animal now, but a good scrub up should sort that out…

11 – If You’ve Booked a Suite

So you’ve splashed out on a suite – make the most of it!

Some of the cruise ship suites are amazing and easily rival the best hotels on land.

On RCI’s Quantum of the Seas, for example, penthouse suites are on two-levels and boast vast floor to ceiling windows for the best views on the ship.

If you’ve paid for added extras like fantastic views, whirlpool baths and those tiny little chocolates on your pillow, hiding away in your cabin will seem far more appealing and even if a balcony cabin was as far as your budget would stretch, having your own private outdoor space is something well worth savouring on a busy ship.


12 – When It’s Time to Meet Mickey…Again

Whether it’s a pirate or princess on Disney cruises, Spongebob or Dora on Norwegian Cruise Line or Shrek and co on Royal Caribbean, if you have kids then they’ll love tracking down the characters onboard.

Playing hunt the giant sponge can grow old fast though, once you’re past school age, so why not book the kids onto an activity where their favourite cartoon friends will be present and make the most of the peace and quiet in the cabin?


13 – When It’s All Just Too Much

Cruise ships are exciting, fun and busy places – especially if you’re booked onto a megaship.

On Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships, for example, you can ride flumes, climb a climbing wall, ice skate, surf, workout, run, cook, shop and much much more.

Whilst the never-ending facilities and activities are brilliant, especially if you’re the type who likes to keep active on holiday, there will be times when it’s all just too much and you need to ‘decompress’ (if you’re not a yoga fan that means calm down and relax).

Your cabin is pretty much the only place onboard that you can absolutely guarantee some quiet alone time – just don’t tell your other half and the kids where you’re headed!

beautiful young woman sleeps on a bed in a bedroom at home

Whilst the main fun on a cruise ship is to be had outside of your room, don’t dismiss your cabin as just a place to sleep.

Do make the most of your time at sea though – the facilities on cruises these days are exceptional and there are other places to escape to when the hustle bustle of the activity areas gets too much. Solariums, spas, libraries, lecture theatres – heck the Cunard QM2 even has its own at-sea planetarium – can also be great places to enjoy a quieter time onboard, without risking the onset of cabin fever!