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Why Your Cabin is Better Than Your Bedroom at Home

Why Your Cabin is Better Than Your Bedroom at Home

Let’s face it, how great your cabin is on your cruise is really going to make or break your experience. It’s the place you go for some much needed downtime, and where you rest your head after a busy day of excursions and activities. You may think of it as akin to your bedroom at home, but that’s where you’re wrong; it’s so much better than that. There’s tonnes of amenities available to make your stay as luxurious as possible, and little touches that really make your trip.

Read on to find out what room attendants get up to during turn down services, and why we think your cabin is ten times better than your bedroom!

Service Fit For A Queen

First things first, you won’t get service like this at home- long gone are the days that Mum used to bring you a bacon sandwich in bed. But fear not! You can relive those days on your cruise. Every want or need is catered for by the room attendants who are on hand 24/7. Fancy breakfast in bed? Or a late night snack? It’ll be brought and served to you! They’ll even clean your room whilst you’re out during the day.

Breakfast in bed

Feel like being treated like royalty? On luxury cruise lines you can get a Butler service. Available in the suites, your Butler will take care of everything including dry cleaning, packing, stocking fridges and will even bring you dinner from the most exclusive restaurants!

Butler service


Incredible Views

The breath-taking views from your cabin are certainly like none you’d ever get from your bedroom. Get a stateroom with a balcony and stand on your own slice of heaven to greet your destination, or get one with a porthole facing the ocean. Imagine travelling somewhere like the Arctic and being the first to see those ice capped mountains, or sailing through a German village full of incredible architecture!

Balcony suite view

The Best Bathrooms!

Where some of you may have an en suite at home, it may not be quite like what you get on a cruise. Most cabin bathrooms include top of the line bath and shower products, including the name brands you know and love. If you’re after that little bit extra, some cabins offer spa style shower heads and whirlpool baths! And for afterwards, there are complimentary robes and slippers available so you can get all cosy! The little things really are the best aren’t they?

Silversea veranda suite bathroom

Animal Magic

It’s not just you that has all the fun on a cruise. Whilst your stateroom attendant does the daily turndown service, they have a little fun creating something extra special just for you. What is it, we hear you ask? Towel animals. Yep, that’s right. The attendants transform your fresh towels into an animal. Among those who may grace your bed are elephants, swans and even bats! It’s a longstanding cruise tradition, so it’s extremely likely that you’ll encounter them on your stay.

Towel animals

Late Night Snacking

Your stateroom attendant thinks of everything, right down to the very last detail. During turndown service while they’re making those super cool towel animals, they also leave you some extra special chocolates on your pillow. They’re perfect for a late night snack for eating during a movie marathon on your cabin’s flat screen. Or if you’re not one for late night snacking, why don’t you take them home as a memento of your stay?

Pillow chocolate

Most of these amenities you get included in your package price, with some extras costing an extra fee (trust us, an incredible view is well worth the extra cost). What do you think? Do you think your cabin is better than your bedroom? What’s your favourite thing about your cabin? What’s the coolest towel animal you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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