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Why That Chocolate On Your Pillow Is Better Than Your Balcony Cabin

Why That Chocolate On Your Pillow Is Better Than Your Balcony Cabin

It really is the little things on a cruise, isn’t it? Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it is about the big things like having a balcony, state of the art spa facilities or an exotic destination. But how about a chocolate on your pillow or a kettle in your cabin for that fresh-out-of-bed morning coffee? These small things add up and become things that are actually very important additions to your holiday and put the cherry on the cake, whether you realise it or not.

With this is mind, we asked our cruise community what they thought made a cruise flawless and what makes their cruises as good as they possibly can be. So read on for their list of the little things that make a cruise simply perfect…


Cabin Facilities

Despite the vast array of things to do and see on your cruise, nothing beats coming back to your cabin for some relaxation, pampering and most importantly, sleep! So all the little things feel important, from the shower to the size of the towels…

Bradbury from Coventry told us: ‘Large fluffy bath towels, dressing gown and slippers is a must. As well as hand towels that are big enough to wrap around washed hair!

dressing gown

For those of you who bring your entire wardrobe with you on your cruise, it can be frustrating to try and find space for all your clothes. Don’t worry, we get it, how do you know you won’t want to wear your long black dress instead of your not so long black dress for the formal dinner? We all need options!

Taffy from Wales has the same issue and she told us: ‘It would be so ideal to have enough coat hangers in our room without having to ask the cabin steward for more before we unpack!

overpacked suitcase

And unsurprisingly, a lot of our cruise community are picky about what type of shower door their cabin has…

Garfield from Waterlooville, Cooke from Ashbury and many more told us: ‘As long as it has a glass shower door, nice toiletries and fluffy big towels then I’m happy!


Crew Members

Let’s face it: the cabins, entertainment and ship itself could be absolutely top notch but if the service feels average, lazy or even just plain rude, it’ll potentially ruin your holiday (and definitely mean that some gratuities are removed). But what exactly is it that the crew need to do to impress you?

Bradbury from Coventry told us: ‘What feels special is the crew remembering and calling you by your first name. Especially if the waiters remember your preferences at the dinner table without you even having to ask again.

QE-Lido Restaurant 2

It turns out that if the crew just have a nice, friendly air about them our cruise community are pretty happy (maybe if you relax and are more easily pleased you’ll be able to pick out more little things as great positives…)

Stewart from Glasgow told us: ‘I love a relaxing restaurant with a pleasant ambiance where everybody dresses appropriately for dinner. Including good attentive waiters and a knowledgeable sommelier!


The little things don’t even need to be a physical thing or action, it could just be the mood, atmosphere or attitude of everyone around them (not just crew members!)

Taffy from Wales told us: ‘I just love a happy ship full of happy families and everybody in good spirits.



So if the service is on top form and the towels are fluffy enough, what’s left? These might not even be things you’ve considered but after you’ve read them, you’ll be testing how comfy a seat is to the next and all sorts…

iloveSunshine from East Yorks told us: ‘As long as there’s a decent floor for ballroom dancing, me and my wife are pleased. There needs to be enough room so we’re not bumping into the next couple and no chances of us slipping over too!

dancing floor

He also added: ‘I’d love every indoor area to be smoke-free. For those of us who don’t smoke, we’d prefer the ones that do to use the deck or their own balconies, so as not to spoil it for the rest of us when we’re trying to enjoy our evening drinks!

no smoking area

It can also be about the crew members trying too hard, it might sound picky but there’s a definite happy medium!

Garfield from Waterlooville told us: ‘An obtrusive stateroom attendant is just the worst. Their intentions might be genuine but when we need you, we’ll call for you! After a long day of activities and shows, we don’t even want room service; we just want some peace and quiet!

couple sleeping

Although it’s nice to not have every decision made for you, some things are nice to just be taken care of for us…

AllAtSea from York told us: ‘It’s nice to have some good music to listen to round the ship. It’s underrated! Nothing perks the atmosphere up like some catchy or relaxing music as we’re walking round inside the ship.


You can share your thoughts on what makes your cruise that extra special on our forum – you’re bound to find other cruisers that feel the same!

Are you now convinced it’s the little things that really make a cruise? Will you be comparing seat-comfyness and hunting round for that chocolate on your pillow before bed? Let us know!

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