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Don't Even Think About It!

PULLMANTUR / Zenith / Canaries

on 17th Feb 2019, by

If you're thinking on going on a cruise on the Pullmantur Zenith, THINK AGAIN! I have just returned from a cruise to the Canaries, Madeira and Morocco, and it was a total nightmare. First of all,...

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Super Budget Cruise With Pullmantur.

PULLMANTUR / Zenith / Dutch Waterways

on 12th Feb 2019, by

After spending the night before the cruise in a small hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we were revved up and rested for our cruise. The taxi deposited us rather early (about 10am) at the ship,...

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Fantastic Cruise For The Price - Christmas 2018.

PULLMANTUR / Zenith / Canaries

on 20th Jan 2019, by

Cabin 6114 from Gran Canaria We saw this cruise for 549 for 7 nights all inclusive and after reading bad reviews, thought why not, we were already going to stay for 2 weeks in Gran Canaria and...

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Pullmantur Sovereign Aoy.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 23rd Dec 2018, by

I am recently back from Breezes of the Mediterranean on Pullmantur Sovereign which departed on the 24th September. If anybody is interested here are my thoughts. Background: I am from the...

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First Ever Cruise At 72.

PULLMANTUR / Horizon / Mediterranean

on 15th Jul 2018, by

We wanted a Cruise that either started or finished in Athens as my daughter lives there. This narrowed down quite quickly to Pullmantur's Horizon from Athens to Trieste, which we got a very good...

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Pullmantur Cruise The Italian Coast On The Soverei.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 23rd Apr 2018, by

Boarding was easy, we arrived at the cruise terminal in Barcelona for our 1130/1330 check-in ,and joined a short queue to drop off bags and was given a boarding number. As we had checked in on line...

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Should Never Have Doubted Them !

PULLMANTUR / Horizon / Canaries

on 12th Apr 2018, by

A Spanish cruise line,very few brits, a balcony cabin, all inclusive, nice itinerary, 649....what could go wrong ?!! Well in truth...not a lot. After an uneventful flight from Manchester to...

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Christmas Round The Canaries On Pullmantur Horizon.

PULLMANTUR / Horizon / Canaries

on 6th Jan 2018, by

What a way to spend Christmas. My friends and I all arrived in Tenerife to spend the festive time on board Pullmantur Horizon and journeying around lovely hot Canary Islands. All aboard on the...

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Good Value.

PULLMANTUR / Horizon / Canaries

on 29th Nov 2017, by

I have just returned from a repositioning cruise to the Canaries. It started very well as I had checked in on line so there was not a very long queue not like if you had not checked in. I was on...

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Never Again.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 5th Oct 2014, by

We sailed on the Sovereign without realising it was a Spanish Cruise Line. Big mistake. Before you are allowed to board you have to open an account, we were led to believe this was only for any...

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Anarchic Iberian Fun.

PULLMANTUR / Empress / Iberia

on 8th May 2014, by

This was a toe in the water experience - a five night repositioning cruise from Lisbon to Valencia at a bargain price. Pullmantur was a bit of an unknown, even after scouting for reviews, its...

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Pullmantur...does What It Says On The Tin!

PULLMANTUR / Empress / Mediterranean

on 19th Jan 2014, by

I've written this review as there is still very little information in English about this cruise line. Myself and 3 friends who had never been on a cruise before decided to try it out and we went...

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Every Thing Nice; Every Thing Irie; No Problem Mon.

PULLMANTUR / Horizon / Caribbean

on 26th Dec 2013, by

Everything about this cruise was nice , everything was irie (cool) . From the check-in to the food , No problem 'Mon.' From the Room to the Dining Room, No Problem 'Mon.' From the Food to the...

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Hell On Water.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 17th Dec 2013, by

Having been cruising for several years and always looking for different options to the norm,my wife myself and two friends decided to try pullmantur cruise lines.having decided to try a cruise...

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Worst Cruise Ever.

PULLMANTUR / Monach / Caribbean

on 27th Oct 2013, by

The Pulmantur Cruise ship that we were on was a complete fiasco. I have cruised on every cruise line from Norwegian , Carnival, Freedom, Costa, Msc, and Disney, but by far this was the worst of...

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June 2013 Pullmantur Cruise On The Sovereign.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 16th Jun 2013, by

There doesnt seem to be much in the way of reviews for any Pullmantur cruises, so i thought seening as they are becoming more and more available to the non spanish market, i would write a review...

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Pullmantur Sovereign, Mediterranean - Excellent.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 29th Apr 2013, by

Pullmantur Sovereign, Mediterranean, 7 days, April 2013 These are notes from our first cruise aimed at those, like us that have never done one before. We did a 7 day cruise in the Med – as...

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Far Too Noisy! Pullmantur Empress.

PULLMANTUR / Empress / Mediterranean

on 3rd Nov 2012, by

Decided to take advantage of Pullmantur taking on passengers in Mallorca where we live. Big mistake. We sailed with them before from Cuba and enjoyed it. The 'all inclusive' is a bonus. They...

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Mediterranean Pullmantur Empress Cruises.

PULLMANTUR / Empress / Mediterranean

on 14th Oct 2012, by

We had a Mediterranean cruise on Empress Pullmantur Sep 29-Oct 6 2012. Start was not bad, BUT the end was awful !!! We paid full 7 nights, but made decision to leave the ship a one night earlier...

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Fab Time Had On Pullmantur.

PULLMANTUR / Sovereign / Mediterranean

on 10th Aug 2012, by

Just arrived back from a cruise around the Med on board Pullmanturs ship Sovereign. We had a fantastic time and it was well worth the money, made even better by a special deal, which included a...

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