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Enjoyed but wouldn't use Pullmantur again
Pullmantur / Monach / Caribbean
By Doy, Calverton on 12th Jul 2019
We embarked at Curaçao and it was fairly painless even though we did not get priority having booked a junior suite.
Our suite (1578) was comfortable and reasonably quiet with plenty of storage. We did experience noise quite often at about 043 ...
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Don't even think about it!
Pullmantur / Zenith / Canaries
By Rae, Inverurie on 17th Feb 2019
If you're thinking on going on a cruise on the Pullmantur Zenith, THINK AGAIN! I have just returned from a cruise to the Canaries, Madeira and Morocco, and it was a total nightmare. First of all, the check-in to the ship on Gran Canaria. Although m ...
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Super budget cruise with Pullmantur.
Pullmantur / Zenith / Dutch Waterways
By sully, nottingham on 12th Feb 2019
After spending the night before the cruise in a small hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we were revved up and rested for our cruise. The taxi deposited us rather early (about 10am) at the ship, that was our fault not the hotels or taxi drivers. Hav ...
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Fantastic cruise for the price - Christmas 2018
Pullmantur / Zenith / Canaries
By Beames, Cheltenham on 20th Jan 2019
Cabin 6114 from Gran Canaria We saw this cruise for 549 for 7 nights all inclusive and after reading bad reviews, thought why not, we were already going to stay for 2 weeks in Gran Canaria and this was cheaper than an all inclusive hotel, so we went ...
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Pullmantur Sovereign Aoy
Pullmantur / Sovereign / Mediterranean
By Pocock, Ely on 23rd Dec 2018
I am recently back from Breezes of the Mediterranean on Pullmantur Sovereign which departed on the 24th September. If anybody is interested here are my thoughts. Background: I am from the United Kingdom and have cruised before with Cunard, P&O, ...
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First ever Cruise at 72.
Pullmantur / Horizon / Mediterranean
By Washington, Hungerford on 15th Jul 2018
We wanted a Cruise that either started or finished in Athens as my daughter lives there. This narrowed down quite quickly to Pullmantur's Horizon from Athens to Trieste, which we got a very good deal on though the convenience was our main reason for ...
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Pullmantur cruise the Italian coast on the Soverei
Pullmantur / Sovereign / Mediterranean
By Bryan, Murcia on 23rd Apr 2018
Boarding was easy, we arrived at the cruise terminal in Barcelona for our 1130/1330 check-in ,and joined a short queue to drop off bags and was given a boarding number. As we had checked in on line beforehand we were shown to different queue and only ...
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