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Abbi Varela's blog

Majorca here I come

By Abbi Varela

It’s finally here and this week I’m excited to be flying off to Majorca for 10 days with my family. This year we’re going with my husband family which is a first for us, we haven’t been away together before so it will be nice to have some quality time with them. We don’t see them as often as we would like they live in Wrexham so although not a million miles from us, life as I’m sure you will agree, gets very busy. Sofia is so excited to be going on holiday ...

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2018-08-14 18:05:55.000


By Sam Smith

Sam Smith's blog

With the world the way it is these days, and cruise lines sadly boycotting certain destinations/areas in the interest of public safety, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the safest places in the world. These have been ranked by their Global Peace Index (GPI) rating. The GPI measures the relative position of nations and regions peacefulness.So here goesthe Top 5.5: DenmarkScandinavia is one of the safest regions you can visit with Norway and Sweden ranking in the top 20, but ...

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2018-08-14 19:33:44.000

Royal Caribbean Bans Emotional...

By Jenna McGhee

Jenna McGhee's blog

I have just read in the cruise news today that Royal Caribbean has now banned emotional support animals from all cruises for bookings after 30th July 2018.Royal Caribbean issued a statement regarding the change and why it was implemented, “We are updating the policy to differentiate emotional support animals from service animals that are trained to perform a function for a person with a disability. It is important to us that all our guests enjoy their vacation, which is why we put into...

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2018-08-16 14:45:07.000