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My Ship Review Anthem of the Seas.

By Dee Oliver

May 23 2017 07:37:19:000PM

Dee Oliver's blog

Anthem of the Seas belongs to the Royal Caribbean Quantum Class of ships. She is the second in this class, and launched in 2015. I was lucky enough to sail on her in August 2015 on her one and only season out of Southampton. She is similar in size to Independence, but very different in style. For starters, the Royal Promenade is replaced with the Royal Esplanade, a 2 deck area that runs through the centre of the ship lined with (expensive) shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Onto these later....

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A New River Cruise Boat.

By Nicola Milligan

May 23 2017 06:23:04:000PM

Nicola Milligan's blog

With so many new Ocean Ships being launched on a yearly basis it makes a nice change to tell you about my second passion. River Cruising. This is a different ball game all together with most boats only holding a couple of hundred people at the most the availability certainly leaves us searching for an operator with a cabin for me to book.River cruising also starts from 3 stars to 5 star standard and the price reflects that. Although it does look more expensive, you have to look at what is als...

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Her Majesty and I have more in...

By Hannah Wilson

May 23 2017 03:18:09:000PM

Hannah Wilson's blog

I love smaller ships, I don’t need a choice of 14 restaurants, multiple bars and lounges, rock climbing walls and ice-skating rinks, if anything it is too much choice and I find you end up flitting from bar to bar all evening, not settling in one place. Give me a Fred Olsen ship with one bar, one lounge and one theatre and I have all I need thank you very much.A couple of years ago I had the chance to visit the Hebridean Princess, the little ship that has been chartered by her Majesty f...

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