Why Cruise Ships Have Better Hangover Cures Than McDonalds

June 10, 2016

We’ve all been there: an accidental extra bottle of wine before you hit the karaoke or a few too many gin and tonic’s with the new friends you made at dinner. It all seems like such a good idea until that pounding headache hits as soon as you wake, the itinerary you’ve been waiting for is just about to start and there’s no McDonald’s to be found!

With that in mind here are seven hacks for your cruise hangover where you find out how to get away from the motion of the ocean when you’re feeling extra queasy and what type of juice will make you feel fresher in seconds…

Johnny Rockets

America has the answer

This is one for when your headache isn’t too bad as the 1950’s theme restaurant can be a little lively, but you’ll have a menu full of American favorites that are sure to cure your cravings for carbs: hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, onion rings, hotdogs, cheese steaks, sweet potato fries…etc. FYI: Several Royal Caribbean ships feature Johnny Rockets so book here first!

american style burgers

The Spa

Let someone else do the curing

When your stomach isn’t feeling its best the next morning the motion of the ocean can force you to stay in your cabin, but you still want to appreciate your cruise, don’t you?! Head to the Jacuzzi or any of the pools as you’ll move around with the water’s motion and won’t feel how rocky the ship might be. Or if you need to tune out from the night before completely, book in for a massage and one of the experts can cure you with a luxury treatment (that way you don’t have to do anything!)

spa massage

Children’s Supervised Programmes

Disney to the rescue!

Okay, this one you might feel slightly guilty about but if the kids are feeling hyper and desperate for you to entertain them, you can always make use of the children’s supervised activity groups whilst you nap the hangover off (after all, that’s what they’re there for right?) A lot of family friendly ships have specific activities for suitable age groups where there’s all sorts of fun for them to get involved in. Use this time for some peace and quiet in your cabin or a lay down on the sun loungers and you’ll be ready to face a family fun day in no time!

kids on board cruise

Room Service

A miracle on a tray

McDonald’s might have a drive through but this still involves getting out of bed (and some mornings you might just not be prepared to do that). This is what room service is for! You’ll be happy to know it’s 24 hour service on a lot of ships and takes just a glance at the menu and a phonecall to have your much needed hangover cure delivered to you in your bed or on your balcony. It can just be added onto your bill or it’s free on some cruises so book onto one of them!

breakfast in bed

The Gym

Fitness fresh

You might be glad there’s not a McDonald’s on-board if you’re a fitness lover, in which case you’ll be heading straight for the gym facilities. Sweat it out and get active to get yourself feeling back on top form or if you really want to get your mind off your hangover, there’s always the spa! We don’t know about you but we are a sucker for a massage with relaxing music (plus staying horizontal is probably a good idea). You could even immerse yourself in some yoga and connect with your inner self…Note to self: must not drink that much again.

gym on cruise ship


Lunch with no limits!

We all love a buffet, but don’t underestimate the wonders it can do for your poor self after a night of more vodka than intended. Stock up on food to fill your stomach with and we hear that tomato juice is notorious for curing your sore head so give it a shot! Fresh juices and smoothies will get all the good stuff back into your body so head to the Solarium bar or Vitality café (depending on what ship you’re on) and replace all that alcohol with some fruit!

buffet on cruise

Hair of the Dog…

Get back into the spirit of it

Now this might not suit all of you but hey, you’re on holiday! The ultimate cure for feeling bad from the night before could be to keep drinking so maybe seek out some wine tasting (always an excuse to act like an expert). And if it’s sunny, why not head out to the deck with a glass of cider at lunch because everyone who was sensible the night before is doing it…and if you can’t beat them, join them!

couple drinking on deck


There you have our exclusive list of hangover cures that will save you the next time you’re feeling a little shaky the morning after the night before. What do you think? Have any of these hacks worked for you before? What’s the first thing you do when you’re hungover? Are you zonked out on the massage table or are you all over the buffet? Let us know below…