Will The Referendum Make Your Holiday More Expensive?

June 22, 2016

There are lots of things to consider with the upcoming referendum about Britain’s place in the EU.

Whether your vote is for remain or for Brexit, have you considered the impact of this decision on your future holidays?

We found out from some of the UK’s leading travel bosses what leaving the EU could mean for British passengers.

The bosses of EasyJet and Ryanair have suggested that leaving would be damaging to aviation whilst TUI chief Nick Longman said that holidaymakers would benefit from staying put.

It has also been stated that flights to Europe will be more expensive if we were to leave the EU and mobile phone use will be more expensive. We could no longer enjoy free or cheaper healthcare in other EU countries.

The other side of the argument as far as travel is concerned is that many think there is no reason leaving the EU will make it harder to go on holiday in Europe. Answering concerns about those Brits who live abroad in EU countries the Brexit campaign has said that current international laws could not force expats to return to the UK.

Despite all of these predictions, (and they are – admittedly- predictions!) it has been said that it could be up to two years before any changes come about after leaving the EU, if that is the decision the British public makes.

From the perspective of cruise travel, there hasn’t been any strong opinions voiced. It’s not yet been explored whether this could make cruises more expensive… So this got us wondering, what do you think? With so much conflicting opinion and so little to go on, we want to hear your opinions about the referendum.

Do you think a vote to leave will make cruises more expensive?





We don’t know about you, but the referendum debate has begun to make our heads hurt! Have you decided which way you are voting? Do you support the Remain campaign or do you support Brexit? Let us know in the comments below…