Top Ten Reasons Why River Cruising is Better Than Ocean Cruising

February 18, 2015

River cruising is on the rise and for good reason! There are more river cruises than ever before with more being announced all the time. Below is our list of the top ten reasons why you should consider a river cruise.

Who needs an ocean?


  • No waves, no seasickness: Whilst it’s rare, some people do get sea sick on a cruise so if this worry has been putting you off then river cruises are probably a great alternative for you. No waves or sea means no rocking motions or having to find your sea legs! If you’re the type who usually feels a bit queasy whilst sailing, this has to be the ideal way to cruise.

Scenic crystal space-ship

  • Perfect for land lovers: It’s not uncommon to dislike not being able to see land. If you feel like this then perhaps a river cruise is exactly what you need. Land is constantly in sight and you’ll never have a sea day. You won’t have anything to fear on a river cruise, as all the amenities of living on land are always available, but you still get the exhilarating feeling of sailing.

Prague Charles Bridgeaeria

  • Dock in the heart of the action: The world’s greatest civilizations were all founded on river banks. You can stop and experience some of the most legendary and beautiful cities the modern world has to offer, including Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and so many more! There are no long transfers getting off and on the ship either, thanks to the modest number of passengers. Whilst river cruising you get to see some of the world’s greatest cultural cities on a daily basis at a much more relaxed pace.

Melk Abbey

  • Less crowded, more personal: When aboard a large ocean liner, there can be thousands of other passengers. On a river cruise the number of passengers is considerably less; rarely little more than a hundred passengers. This can give you time to get to know some of your fellow cruisers, if you choose, or even get on to a first-name-basis with some of the staff and officers, making the journey feel more personal and intimate.


  • Tour guides will walk you through history: Just walking through a historic city is all well and good but wouldn’t you like to know why the sights are so significant? Well not only are land excursions free on river cruises but they all include a local guide to show you around the town. This guarantees the best cruising experience and the best sightseeing. If you don’t like the idea of being stuck in a group then that’s fine too, no-one will stop you if you decide to break away.  Docking right in the heart of the city really does mean you can just wander on and off the ship at a more relaxed pace.

Marksburg Castle

  • Free drinks with dinner: Why pay for your wine? You deserve to have it served to you for free and thanks to the all-inclusive nature of river cruising, you won’t be disappointed. This is yet another small factor that cruise liners can lack, making river cruising a desirable alternative.


  • Unique itineraries: One of the main draws of river cruising is having a cruise experience that ocean liners just can’t provide. River cruises take you to locations that ocean liners just can’t. Whereas ocean liners are confined mostly to coastal towns, river cruises take you to the heart of the city. You can experience grand views of culturally significant architecture and absorb everything from prominent tourist attractions to quieter, secluded sections of the river where nature is the dominant force. There is little comparison to the range of things you’ll see whilst on a river cruise.

Heidelberg Turret Gateway

  • For adults: There’s not much to entertain the kids on a river cruise, but what you’ll find instead is a more consistently mature cruise, designed for adult sensibilities, making a perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Champagne Breakfast Adults

  • Casual dress code: Many ocean liners ask for smart dress when dining, on particular decks, or casinos, etc. River cruises are not so. Feel free to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, no-one’s there to judge, only to relax and have a good time! Although dinner wear is still smart it tends to be more along the lines of country club casual than formal.

Viking Dining

  • No long queues: Perhaps one of the biggest conveniences of being on a smaller ship is that you will rarely have to queue or wait around for anything. Getting off and on the ship is a simple task, considerably quicker than on a large cruise liner where passengers are often forced to shuffle like zombies in order to board and disembark.

Viking Reception cruise lines

If you’ve ever considered river cruising then now is a better time than ever to get in on the action. If you’ve not considered if before, we hope we’ve convinced you to try it!

If you’ve already been on a river cruise, then tell us how it was! Feel free to share any interesting stories from your personal experience and tell us how it compares to being on an ocean liner. Share your thoughts, advice, experiences and tips.

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