Time-Lapse Videos of Cruise Ship Construction

April 7, 2015

Have you ever wondered how cruise ship giants are built?

Well – you can now see for yourself with the following time-lapse video of an Aida cruise ship construction!



The video shows the AidaPrima being built in a shipyard in Japan which will go on its maiden voyage in October 2015. The ship is 125,000 tons and will be able to carry over 3000 passengers.

Features on-board will include a 200 square meter ice rink and a glass dome for passengers to relax under whatever the weather.

It can take between two to three years on average to complete a ship build, although the time from initial drawings to a maiden voyage could be up to 5 years, depending on urgency.

Have you ever wondered how the cruise lines make their ships bigger?

Below is a video of the extension to the Fred Olsen Braemar – it’s pretty incredible to watch how they simply cut the ship in half and inserted a new section!



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