The Weird Truth Of What Happens To Your Case After It’s Checked In

August 19, 2015

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you’ve checked it in at the airport?

Is it safe? Will it be looked after? Do the porters really try and play football with it?

Well wonder no more!

The below footage was captured with an undercover camera at Helsinki Airport, one of Europe’s busiest airports and shows the secret journey your luggage takes after it’s been checked-in.

Watching it is strangely hypnotic, almost like a scene from an animated Disney movie as it races down conveyor belts, is lifted high in the air by robots before finally reaching its destination (and don’t ask us how it knows which track to take – it looks really confusing back there!)

Gone are the days of a man stood behind the screen throwing your luggage on to different pallets to be sorted, this is hi-tech case sorting at its best!