The Mistakes You Need To Stop Making When You Travel

November 11, 2016

Setting off on holiday should be enjoyable, relaxing and well, a lot of fun! But there are plenty of common mistakes that we all make that stop our holiday being as good as it should be. Getting caught out can really put a dampener on your trip, so don’t let it happen!

Here at we know a thing or two about holidays and what not to do, so here is our list of the most common travel mistakes people always make and how to avoid them!


Forgetting The Added Costs

So you’ve saved up for the holiday you’ve been dreaming of, you’re on-board and set to go! But have you thought about your budget beyond the taxi to the cruise terminal? A common mistake we see again and again is passengers who haven’t budgeted for anything from last minute excursions to drinks on-board. You may have already got a drinks package booked and pre-paid your gratuities, but have you budgeted for some souvenirs or a spa treatment if it really takes your fancy? No one wants to get away and realise that they can’t enjoy their holiday to the full because they’re lacking in cash!

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Leaving Your Phone On

And we don’t just mean switching it off for dinner! (Although we hope you aren’t that person who forgets to turn their phone on silent in the main dining room!) No, what we mean is have you checked your data plan before you’ve gone away?

If you’re with a network that lets you use your phone and data abroad for completely free then great! (and could you let us know who you’re with whilst you’re at it?) But all jokes aside, with most networks it definitely won’t be free for you to use your phone. If you’ve ever made the mistake of leaving your roaming data on whilst at sea, you’ll also know that networks charge an extortionate rate for picking up emails and social media updates at sea. The same goes for simple phone calls! Do yourself a favour and turn all roaming off and connect the Wi-Fi instead. Or better yet, truly relax and leave your phone at home!

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Packing Too Much

If you’re taking a fly-cruise then you will be restricted on what you can take by the airline that you are flying with. But if you’re sailing from the UK then you can pretty much go mad! With no weight restrictions, cruisers eagerly fill several suitcases full of clothes per cabin, but do you really need that many things?

Don’t forget that when you get into your cabin you’ll need to find somewhere to put all your things! Certain cruise lines have notoriously little cabin storage space or wardrobes with only one or two hangers. Have a real think about everything you’ll need for the week and cut out any things that aren’t a necessity. After all, do you actually need 17 dresses for a 7-night cruise or do you really want to take 13 books with you when there is a library on-board? Think about it!

Want some more advice about what to pack for your cruise? Read our guide here!

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Travel Insurance Mistakes

You must remember to buy travel insurance because frankly, you’ll never know what can happen! But even if you have remembered to get some, do you know if it’s the right sort? Cruise travel needs a special kind of travel insurance, not just general cover. This is because in a real medical emergency you would possibly need to be airlifted off the ship, and that’s a tiny bit more expensive than an ambulance! Make sure you’re properly covered and make sure you’ve disclosed any medical problems.

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Reservation Woes

Forgetting to make reservations or not making note of all of the different ones that you have can really ruin the relaxed vibe of your trip away. Set reminders on your phone once you’ve made reservations as it can be easy to forget you have a spa treatment or speciality dining restaurant booked after a week away. You should also make all of your reservations as soon as possible before all of the slots disappear! Better yet, book all of your dining before you go if you can. That way, your cruise line will remind you of reservations with a note in your cabin and you’ll also have a copy of dining times on your personal itinerary.

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Not Seeing Enough Of Your Favourite Destination

Many of us will see cruises advertised and choose one solely based on a destination we’ve always dreamed of seeing. Whether it’s a trip to see the Coliseum in Rome, a venture up to see the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio or just some downtime on a Greek island, if your heart is set on it – why not make the most of it? Instead of choosing an itinerary that merely stops there for a few hours, do yourself a favour and start or end your cruise in that destination instead. You’ll have time when you get off the ship to enjoy your surroundings rather than rushing off to make it back before you set sail again. Thank us later!

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Packing Too Much In

Whilst you should always make the most of your time away, make sure you don’t try and do too much! Itinerary heavy holidays are a great way to get the most out of your time, but make sure you’ve pencilled in some down time too. If you’re docked in a new port every day, weigh up whether it’s somewhere you really want to visit. Is it going to be a long transfer time between your dock and destination? If so, maybe sit that port out and spend the day on-board instead. You can spend your day relaxing on an almost empty ship and have some time to really unwind. After all, you want to come back from your holiday feeling refreshed – not exhausted!

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So there you have it! Have you made any of these mistakes before? Do you have any other travel advice that we’ve forgotten? Let us know in the comments below…