Everything You Could Ever Possibly Want to Know About Drinks on a Cruise Ship

January 28, 2015

Everyone likes a cocktail or three when they’re on holiday and a cruise is no different.  The problem is with dozens of cruise lines and hundreds of cruise ships it’s sometimes hard to know what, where and how when it comes to drinks. Who stocks what drinks? How much do they charge? Can you buy a drinks package? How much would that be?

It’s with that thought in mind that the www.CRUISE.co.uk team have put together our definitive guide to drinking on a cruise ship…


Drinks PricesDrinks Menu – No one’s suggesting you should pick your cruise line based solely on who offers the cheapest drinks (well you can if you want) but with this handy comparison guide you can compare the cost of beer, wine, coffee and soft drinks between all the different cruise lines.


River Cruise Drink PricesUniworld – River cruises are famous for being all inclusive so a guide to drinks prices on-board would seem fairly unnecessary. As river cruising gets more and more popular though more and more companies have joined the market. More companies mean more choice. If those choices are confusing you then use our comparison guide to river cruise drink prices to help you make up your mind.

Drink Packages Drinks Package– If you don’t like the idea of paying for your drinks one by one but would instead prefer the idea of a truly ‘all inclusive’ cruise then a drinks package might be a good idea. You can compare the price of the different packages available here (and see who does and doesn’t offer them at all!)

Corkage Fees Corkage fee– If you’ve had a look at the different drink prices across the cruise lines and decided that you’d actually prefer to bring your own wine to dinner be careful – many cruise lines charge a corkage fee in the main dining room. You can compare the price of each corkage fee in our comparison table here.

The Top Five Cheapest River Cruises for a DrinkWine – Exactly as it sounds the www.CRUISE.co.uk have stack ranked our favourite river cruise lines in order of who has the cheapest drinks on-board.



Keeping Money in Your Pockets Rather Than the Cruise Lines Money
– We reached out to our cruise community and asked them for their top money saving tips when on a cruise – it’s surprising how many tips are about drinking; clearly our cruise community likes the odd drink or two!


Head to Head – Which Cruise Line Offers the Cheapest Drinks?Beer – We compared all the ocean going cruise lines in a head to head battle to come up with the five best cruise lines for drink prices – You can find out who scored the best here!


A Robotic Bar at SeaBionic bar – Learn all about Royal Caribbeans newest addition – Bionic Bars where your drinks are served to you by a robot! Available on Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.


Exclusive Interview With Makr ShakrMakr Shakr Bar –  Read our behind the scenes interview with Makr Shakr, the company behind the technology that runs Royal Caribbeans Bionic Bars.


Princess Cruises Bar Info: The BreakdownPrincess Cruises – Take a tour of the bars available on all  Princess Cruises with all their drinks menus laid out for you to peruse at your leisure.


Not Being Tight, Being CannySoft Drink – Join the debate with our Cruise Community as they discuss the best way to save money on your drinks when you’re on-board your chosen cruise ship.


MSC Drinks PackagesMSC Bar –  MSC offer some great drink packages for their cruises. We’ve listed all the different packages and exactly what you get here.


Q&A: Alcohol on Cruise ShipsCocktails – We’ve nearly 250,000 question and answers in the Q&A section of our site. Here you can see all the questions (and answers) that relate specifically to drinks on a cruise or if you’ve not found the info you were looking for then you can even ask your own question!



Has our guide helped? Is there any info you think we’re missing? Feel free to ask below…