The Definitive Guide To Cruising Destinations

May 28, 2015

The team spend a lot of time talking about how amazing cruise ships are (well they are!) and all the facilities you can find on-board.

We also spend a lot of time talking about the different cruise lines and ships so you can decide which sounds best for you. It occurred to us today though that what we don’t spend a lot of time talking about is the places those same ships go to.

After all, whilst there may be a small minority of cruisers that never get off the ship (it happens you know!),  for a lot of people the places the ships cruise to are the biggest part of the holiday.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve put together a definitive guide to cruise ship destinations (and what to do once you’re there)…


Shore Excursions And General Advice

Leaning tower of pisaA newbies guide to shore excursions – Picking your perfect destination is all well and good but you still need to know what to do once you’re there. That’s why we put together our tip tips on shore excursions; how to make the most of them and most importantly how to save money booking them!

Game of ThronesThe ultimate shore excursion bucket list (Part One) – Traveling the world gives you the chance to experience some amazing things, from salmon snorkeling right through to watching a Lucha Libre wrestling match in Mexico – We put together our top Thirty three here.

Bungee jumpThe ultimate shore excursion bucket list (Part Two)
–  The list was so big we had to split it up! Part two’s here.



Sixteen of the most common tourist scams and how to avoid themPick pocket graphic – Seeing the world by cruise ship has to be one of the safest ways to travel. Still, it never hurts to be prepared; which is exactly what this guide was designed for.


The Mediterranean

Probably the most popular cruise destination out there for British cruisers, we take a look at some of the more popular ports of call…

Cruise to AthensHow Best To Explore Artistic Athens, The Capital Of Culture
– Known as a city rich with culture, and most famous for the vengeful gods and goddesses. Read our guide and discover why it’s a hit with artists and musicians and how the old gas works was turned into a nightlife hotspot!

Bright Lights In The Big CItyDiscover the darker side of Barcelona – It’s not all picturesque tourist spots you know. For those in the know there’s a dark side to Barcelona that’s well worth a look – Only for the brave hearted though!


How to do Dubrovnik again and again Regal Princess Cruises– Dubrovnik appears on a lot of Eastern Mediterranean itineraries so we spent a bit of time looking what to do if you’ve already been once, twice or even nineteen times before.


Solo cruiserReal cruisers eight must do’s in Dubrovnik – We reached out to our cruise community and asked them their advice on the must do’s when in Dubrovnik – Real advice from real people…


A different kind of Roman holidayitaly_rome_travel_photography-011[1] – Rome, the birthplace of modern democracy. If it’s your first time here then you might wan’t to do the normal ‘touristy’ things like visiting the Colosseum but if you follow our guide you’ll be able to do everything from seeing an Egyptian Pyramid to meeting the Pope!

rome 1Real cruisers top six tips for visiting Rome – We once again reached out to our cruise community and asked them their advice on the must do’s when in Rome – Real advice from real people…


Essential guide to Santorini Sunset– Don’t ride the donkey’s! Although it may be a bit of a tradition when visiting Santorini a lot of the animals can be quite mistreated – our guide provides much better alternative’s as to what you can do.


venice canalVenice Island – Venice can be a beautiful island to visit but unfortunately it does have a reputation for taking advantage of tourists. Follow the simple steps in our guide to avoid being ripped off.


Venice gondolasVenice Mestre – When someone say’s they’re visiting Venice chances are they’ll mean Venice Island (the bit with all the canals) but a good tip can be to stop in Venice Mestre (the mainland basically) and commute into Venice Island. An even better tip (especially if you’ve been before) is to skip Venice Island completely and explore Mestre – You’d be amazed how much there is to do!

venice palaceReal cruisers top tips for visiting Venice – We asked our cruise community advice again on the must do’s when in Venice – Real advice from real people…


The Norwegian Fjords

TrolltungaEverything Norwegian – Everything you could ever possibly want to know about cruises to Norway – all in one place!



When’s the best time to cruise to the Fjords?Norway – You might think the most obvious time to visit the Fjord’s would be the summer months but as we discuss here, for those in the know Norway has a lot more to offer!


Northern Lights in NorwayThe nine best places to see the Northern Lights – There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t thought at one  point or another how much they’d like to see the Northern Lights. We list the top nine best places to see them from.


The Canaries

Teen Friendly CruisesWhat’s hot in Palma De Mallorca – From beaches to bullrings or antique dolls museums to  modern art – we list the must sees when you reach Palma De Mallorca


Sun chairs and umbrellas on a black sand beach in Greece.Tenerife: Cruising sunny side up – The Canaries aren’t all about hot beaches you know. The take a look at some of the little know activities on offer to tourists.


The Caribbean

Rum Point dock extends into the blue-green crystal clear waters on the north side of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI

Top ten hottest Caribbean Islands – There’s a lot of choice in islands when it comes to a Caribbean cruise but once you’ve got past the sun, palm trees and tropical beaches what distinguishes them from each other? We take a deeper look at then and list the ten must do Caribbean islands.


Cuba – A Real cruisers perspective – One of our faithful forum members spent a couple of weeks in Cuba and this is his thoughts; from a cruisers perspective!


carib1Jamaica? No, she wanted to go! – Bad jokes aside we thought the most famous of all Caribbean Islands deserved a much closer look. Is it all rum cocktails and beaches? Turns out it isn’t! Jamaica actually has a lot to offer the curious traveler.


What’s new in Nassau? Caribbean shore excursion – OK so maybe what’s new but what’s new to you… Nassau is a regular on Caribbean itineraries so if you’re a frequent Caribbean cruiser you may find yourself visiting Nassau more than once – We had a look to see what it had to offer.

san juanThe secrets of San Juan
– Capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan is a mix of chilled-out Caribbean flavours with a Latin American kick. It’s well worth a stop… especially if you’re a fan of West Side Story!


Northern Europe

AmsterdamAmsterdam, the Venice of the North – Everyone thinks the same thing when Amsterdam is mentioned; smoking illegal products and it’s red light district but there’s a reason so many cruise ships call in here and that’s because it’s got so much more to offer the curious tourist. We took a closer look to find out what.

Aerial view of Saint Salvator Cathedral, Old Town of Bruges, BelgiumBored of Bruges? – Bruges appears on the itinerary of a lot of mini cruises…. a lot; for the simple reason it’s so easy to get to from Southampton. What do you do if you’ve visited a place not just once or twice but maybe five or six times? We tried to find out.


Magical moments in ParisParis.: The dark side of the city of romance – Paris has a well deserved reputation as the city of love but it also has a dark underbelly for any cruiser brave enough to seek it out.


North America

OrcasA video introduction to Alaska – If a picture tells a thousand words how many can a video tell? Check out our exclusive video guide to one of North Americas most spectacular destinations.


Cruise to New YorkThe City That Never Sleeps: Cross It Off Your Bucket List – Imagine visiting a city bustling with activity, where you’ll find something new and unusual on every street. What city are we talking about? New York of course! We’ve narrowed down what we think are the coolest locations in the big city, so you don’t have to.

Hawaii and the Pacific

weeping-wall-kauai-hawaii_82261_990x742[1]Say aloha to Hawaii, again and again – Hawaii isn’t actually one island, it’s four. Natural wonders, breathtaking views, amazing selfie opportunities and action packed cruise excursions don’t even come close to describing them. Find out why here.


Far East

Great Wall of ChinaA video introduction to the Far East – If a picture tells a thousand words how many can a video tell? Check out our exclusive video guide to one of the world’s most spectacular destinations.


burma10 unmissable aspects of beautiful Burma – Burma is a country with a rich history and an even richer culture, with breathtaking landscapes, incredible views, mesmerising statues and structures and let’s not forget the cats which jump through hoops. Yes, you read that right, here are our ten must see parts of Burma 

phuketPhuket: Beyond the beaches – Visitors to Phuket have so much to experience that even a year’s worth of port stops wouldn’t be enough but here are some suggestions to get you off that sunlounger and exploring this hot, heady hotspot in the ‘Land of Smiles’



MarrakeshMarrakesh – The Pearl of Morocco – When you enter this ancient city through one of the twenty huge gates in its 12 km long wall it is well to remember the Boy Scout motto – Be prepared! If as far as North Africa is concerned you are still a travel virgin then Marrakesh is a great place to lose your cherry! 


Are you a fan of these popular cruising destinations?