Eleven Facts Behind The World’s Largest Cruise Ship You Won’t Believe

May 23, 2016

So we already know that Harmony of the Seas is the largest ship in the world, three times longer than the height of Big Ben and took almost two and a half years to build! But what do we know about what happens behind the scenes to prepare for her capacity of a whopping 6,780 guests (and that’s without the 2,100 crew members on-board, too…)

1 – 50 tons of ice cubes are made on board everyday! Let’s just hope the weather is sunny enough for those icy drinks…

Johnny rockets milkshake Harmony of the Seas

2 – 2,500 lbs of fresh salmon and 2,100 lbs of lobster tail is eaten on an average seven-night cruise aboard Harmony. She also holds 20,000 lbs of potatoes, 5000 dozen eggs and 5000 lbs of french fries.

Chops Grille Harmony of the Seas

3 – 100 gallons of chocolate ice cream is used for a seven-night cruise (not just for the children we see then…)

Dessert on Harmony of the Seas

4 – 3,415 pieces of sports equipment are used on-board, this includes 185 pairs of ice skates, 130 golf clubs and 31 surfboards. There’s enough to go round for everyone!

Mini golf Harmony of the Seas

5 – 1,800 tons of fresh water is used every 24 hours. And there’s 2,150 tons of water in the 23 pools, slides, surf simulators and whirlpools on-board (so you better make the most of it!)

Splashaway bay Harmony of the Seas

6 – 10,587 plants and 52 trees in the Central Park neighbourhood (just like being at the real thing!)

Central Park Harmony of the Seas

7 – There is no single supplement for solo travellers on select cabins! We repeat, NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FOR SOLO TRAVELLERS.  Even on the most perfect ship for families, Royal Caribbean have got your back if you love to travel independently.

Solo traveller on Harmony of the Seas

8 – 12.5 seconds is the quickest record for going down the Ultimate Abyss! 14 seconds is the norm, but you can reach speeds of 22mph AND at 150 feet above sea level it’s taller than Buckingham Palace (something you just have to witness on a cruise ship!) They even consulted a professor of thrills to make sure the slide would be thrilling enough, however despite the ship taking 2 and a half years to build, they only started planning the Abyss 6 months ago (it seems the more last minute, the bigger and better the attraction!)

Ultimate Abyss Harmony of the Seas

9 – Harmony offers you 127 speciality cocktails (plus all the classics) which means the ship carries 800 lbs of limes, 4000 lbs of pineapple, 5000 lbs of oranges, 1000 lbs of lemons, 40 jars of cherries and 20 jars of olives! (Head to the bionic bar to choose your own customised mix of things…)

Bionic bar on Harmony of the Seas

10 – Harmony was constructed out of 500,000 individual pieces; 27 times the parts used to assemble the Eiffel Tower. And you’ll definitely need at least a week to experience every nook and cranny!

Royal Promenade on Harmony of the Seas

11 – Just one of Harmony’s four bow thrusters has more horsepower than 7 ferraris! Extra smooth sailing- we like the sound of that!

Harmony of the Seas exterior



So, who knew there was so much behind the scenes?! Are you sailing with Harmony? What feature are you most looking forward to? Are you brave enough for the Ultimate Abyss? Let us know!