These Would Be The Worst Presents Ever For Someone That Didn’t Like Cruising

December 10, 2015

Yes you read that right. You can now buy all the cruise t-shirts (plus much more) you could ever possibly need… all in one place. Below is a taster of some of the goods that are on offer but if […]

Man Takes Cardboard Cut Outs To Famous Landmarks With Hilarious Results

November 26, 2015

If you’ve ever used Instagram before then you may have already heard of Richard McCor or to give him his Instagram handle… @paperboyo. For those that haven’t, he’s a prolific poster to Instagram who travels all around Europe taking amazing […]

22 Things That Really Annoy Scottish People On A Cruise

November 16, 2015

We’ve all got things that annoy us when we’re on a cruise; whether it be sun lounger hogs, people not using the hand sanitisers or refusing to adhere to the dress codes. In fact we even wrote an article recently […]

You’ll Never Believe What This Sea Lion Does Next

September 29, 2015

There are many places in the world where people can live harmoniously with nature and then there are the parts of the world where the local wildlife seems to live a bit too harmoniously with people… One such area is Santa Cruz […]

32 Things That Always Leave Brits Feeling Mildly Miffed On Their Cruise

September 23, 2015

We’ve all got those little bug bears; those things that are actually quite minor but for some reason just really seem to tick us off. Like people that chew gum when they’re talking to you or not being able to […]

21 Images That Are Going To Make You Wish You Were Cruising Right NOW

September 18, 2015

Be careful reading this, we warn you it’s going to make you jealous! Reading this will make you impatient for your next cruise. Are you excited? We always are for our next cruise (these photos are just making it worse). […]

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