P&O's Adonia Leaves The Fleet

June 5, 2015

Carnival Corporation PLC last night announced that they’ve created a brand new cruise line called “fathom” but it’s not like anything you will have seen before!

“fathom” (yes – without a capital f!) is a new line that will be dedicated to something called volunteer tourism.

Carnival will take the P&O Adonia and relocate her to Miami where she’ll sail to Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.

Guests will then spend two days in intensive training to get ready for volunteer activities.

For example, passengers will learn to build water filtration devices or how to teach English and then do these activities for real once they reach land.


The aim is to give guests an authentic and meaningful experience as they help the countries they visit. Carnival are calling the concept “social impact travel” and have said these cruises will be more low key than others lines.

There won’t be a casino on-board, nor theatre productions and food options will include local specialities.

The concept of volunteering whilst on holiday is not a new one – but it is the first time that an entire cruise line has been based around the concept!


It wasn’t long ago that we announced Crystal Cruises were introducing voluntourism excursions and giving passengers the chance to help local communities.

As Carnival Corporation spokesman Roger Frizzell explains: “no one else is doing it on a scale this big!”


Would you want to spend your week’s holiday working? Would you like the chance to spend your holiday giving something back?

Will you be sad to see the Adonia go to this new line?

Let us know in the comments below