Plymouth to get £10 Million Cruise Ship Terminal

May 1, 2015

The South coast is getting special attention once again as Plymouth gets a £10 million+ cruise ship terminal, to be built at Millbay.

City chiefs could release the details within weeks.

The news follows on from Plymoth’s business leaders declaring that there has never been a better time to invest in the facility, which is expected to earn £15 million or even more for the peninsula.

This is good news for people in the area, as it was only last year in October when Dave Atkin (Associated British Ports boss) said the long-awaited project had “fizzled out”.

ABP owns the location where the cruise ship terminal is likely to be built.

The local council have been showing great support for the project, with a spokesman voicing the support; “With the significant regeneration taking place and the Mayflower 2020 celebrations just a few years away, the time has never been better to promote Plymouth as a cruise destination.

“We have the location offer at Millbay but we also need to look at the big questions around physical constraints as well as the economic investment arguments.

“We hope to be in a position in the next few weeks to give more detail about this exciting development.”

Hopefully the cruise ship terminal will begin construction soon, instead of having its future in question again!

Would you like to be able to board from Plymouth, or does this make no difference to you?