16 Photos That'll Make You Wish You Were On Your Summer Holiday!

July 29, 2016

Summer’s finally here! Schools are out, the sun’s in the sky, the weathers warm and we’re starting to hear the holiday bells calling to us… To get us into the holiday spirit and to torture ourselves just a little bit, we’ve been enviously scrolling through all your Instagram holiday pics, and we’ve decided to share our top 16 holiday photos with you!

From ice cream in Stockholm, to hiking in Norway, here in the www.CRUISE.co.uk offices we’re all super jealous of the adventures you’re having! Whether you’re a city slicker or a beach worshipper, these photos will have you booking a flight and hopping on the next plane to the holiday of your dreams…

1) Ice Cream is a must on any holiday adventure.

2) This cute little pup loves the beach as much as us!

3) Imagine looking out at this view…

4) Or sunbathing by this lake…

#goodweather #beautyview #sunbathe ???

A photo posted by Justyna Więcław ✌ (@justynaa_98) on

5) That feeling you get when you’re flying above the clouds…

Last week in Marseille ? Lets go ? #travel #fly #plane #sky #sun #work #marseille #boy #morning #monday

A photo posted by Simon PRAUD (@bboy_colorb) on

6) Fancy seeing the sights of Venice in style?

Especially pretty after a rainstorm. ✨

A photo posted by Valeria (@valerianecchio) on

7) How about relaxing in the pool on this giant flamingo?!

8) Your summer holiday is the best time to indulge!

9) Is a chilled holiday camping in the mountains more your scene?

10) You never know the friends you might make on holiday…

11) There’s no better feeling than having the entire beach to yourself…

12) For those of you who love adventure, imagine going kayaking in the wilderness!

Kayaking on the river ??

A photo posted by Vanessa Grillot (@nomadicvanessa) on

13) Even this Sea Lion loves to sunbathe!

14) You don’t have to go miles away on holiday, stay in England and check out the beaches!

Summer days #merseaisland #essex #beachhuts #beach #exploreengland #sunshine

A photo posted by Corinne Lucas (@corinne.lucas) on

15) If you’re a city slicker there’s no better than the gorgeous Paris!

16) When in Rome, see the sights!

When in Rome ? #touristmode #rome #italy #holidays

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Now you’ve seen our top 16 photos that’ll make you wish that you were on your summer holiday! What do you think? Are you now filled with wanderlust? Are you itching to pack your bags and go? What’s your favourite holiday destination? Let us know in the comments!