Online Report Reveals World’s Most Dangerous Airlines

January 7, 2016

How safe are you at 30,000ft? Do you feel safer with one particular airline over another?

In an online report released yesterday by a review website called it was revealed that the world’s safest airline was Qantas (the third year in a row they’d won this title) although the only British carrier to appear in the list was Virgin Atlantic at number nineteen as B.A dropped out of the top twenty completely this year.

Discussing their rating factors said Qantas took the top slot due to its “fatality free record and a number of other factors”

Air New Zealand came second and Alaska Airlines third with All Nippon, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Ethiad, Eva Air and Finnair taking the top ten slots globally.

The system ranks airlines using seven different factors which includes audits by aviation authorities and governments, any fatalities over the last twelve months and other reported incidents.

There were 148 airlines that received the top seven-star ranking, although BA scored only six and Ryanair five (the same rating as Malaysia Airlines this year after they recovered slightly from their low 2014 score).

And the least safe airlines?

These were classed as any airline that received only one star on the ranking system and can all be found in Indonesia, Nepal and Suriname.
The worst of the worst were Batik Air, Bluewing Airlines, Citilink, Kal-Star Aviation, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, TrnsNusa, Trigana Air Service, Wings Air and Xpress Air, all small local carriers you’ll be glad to hear!

This year also added a new category specifically designed to show the safest ‘budget’ airlines with Aer Lingus topping the list, closely followed by Flybe in second place and HK Express taking third. Fellow UK carriers Thomas Cook and TUI were ranked as sixth and seventh respectively.

Commenting on this new category the company said “they were chosen because of their excellent safety records and for meeting IATA standards”.

(IATA stands for International Air Transport Association and is a trade association of the Worlds airlines).

Ryanair failed to make the list as, although they’re Europe’s biggest budget airline, they’re not a member of IATA.


What’s your thoughts on the list? Do you look at the safety record of an airline before you book it?

Would this list ever influence your decision in booking a particular airline?

What do you think are the Worlds Most Dangerous Airlines

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