NCL Food Police Clamp Down

May 8, 2015

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced a ban on ‘takeaway’ food from its ships’ restaurants, main dining room and buffet areas.

This will mean you can’t get your hubby to bring anything back to your cabin whilst you lie in or sneakily go and grab a snack for later!KA6lHLJ[1]

Vanessa Picariello, the senior director of public relations for Norwegian said: “For our guests’ well-being and to maintain a beautiful clean environment for all of our guests to enjoy, we ask that they enjoy their meals while dining at one of our many restaurants.”

It was an unusual policy for the cruise industry to allow passengers to not only carry drinks from room to room but plates of food too!

Some think that this change in the rules is so that people can make use of the room service.

Norwegian has recently expanded its room service menus, reinvented their pizza delivery program and reduced many of their specialty dining prices. They have waived the cover charge for 12 of the lines restaurants whilst rolling out a $7.95 fleet wide service charge for room service orders!

The ‘take away’ rule has caused quite a lot of controversy with cruisers. We asked our cruise consultants what they had to say about the news…

 gemma  Gemma Coles said: ‘I certainly wouldn’t take food from the main dining room to eat in my cabin but I do like to take food from the    buffet to eat out on deck or to take a snack back to the cabin while getting ready on the evening.  I think it is an odd decision by NCL and  will be interesting to see how it goes down with passengers.  I am not too keen on the idea.’ You can learn more about Gemma here.


sam Sam Smith said:Personally I think it would be nice not see used dishes/plates piled up outside doors along the corridors.’ You can learn more about Sam here.


sherr  Sherrie Green added: ‘I do believe that dining in elegant speciality restaurants is a fine way to dine but the thought of doing up ‘doggy bags’ to take away  just cheapen the experience not something I would encourage.’ You can read more about Sherrie here.



Do you think passengers should have the freedom to eat where they like? Or do you agree that meals should be kept in the restaurants? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.