Imagine If… The Olympics Had To be On Cruise Ships

August 11, 2016

With the news last week that the Olympic committee had to hire a cruise ship to stay on and with some athletes also opting to do the same, we wondered… What would happen if the whole Olympics had to take place on cruise ships? If all the venues were out of action, what would occur if the events took place on-board some of the world’s largest floating hotels?

We stopped to investigate what would happen if the Olympics took place on cruise ships! Keep scrolling to see what it’d look like…

Synchronised Swimming

On sunny days the ship’s pool is usually full to the brim with passengers taking a dip, but imagine if you had to share with the Olympic synchronised swimmers… You could grab a deck chair and watch the aqua ballet in action. Make sure you take your Lilo out the pool first though!

olympics on cruise ships synchronised swimming


The ballroom is usually used for elegant dances and formal dinners, but it’d be the perfect place for the Olympics to host fencing! Strike up the orchestra and watch the athletes fence away, it’d be just like something out of a Jane Austen novel.

Olympics on Cruise Ships Fencing


Flowrider is said to be fit for professional surfers, but is it up to the challenge of Olympic Canoers? Gather in the wipe out bar to watch the game, you never know… You may even see someone wipe out! Just imagine the photo!

Olympics on Cruise Ships Flowrider Canoeing


Could you imagine Norwegian Cruise Line’s Escape lending its mini golf course to the Olympic team? They better be careful not the hit the ball overboard though, or else they might be putting the next hole underwater…

Olympics on Cruise Ships Golf

Horse Riding

Unfortunately, animals aren’t permitted on board so this could prove quite a challenge to the equestrian games. Not to worry though, they can just ride the carousel! Imagine William Fox Pitt ditching Chilli Morning to perform his dressage test on this guy…. Best of luck for the show jumping Will…

Olympics on Cruise Ships Equestrian


We think Harmony of the Sea’s Central Park could be the perfect location for the archery competitions. It’ll definitely be scenic and you could even grab a refreshing drink at the Bionic Bar nearby whilst you watch. Bullseye!

Olympics on Cruise Ships Archery


They’ve cycled in some iconic locations around the world including the forbidden city in Beijing, but we seriously doubt they’ve ever tackled the running track on the ship deck! They’d get some incredible ocean views that’s for sure…

Olympics on Cruise Ships Cycling


Another game that could be played on the deck is tennis! Grab a deck chair and watch some of the best players in the world battle it out as you sail across the ocean… Let’s just hope there’s no strong winds though!

Olympics on Cruise Ships Tennis

So there you have it! Now you know what the Olympics would look like if it was hosted on a cruise ship! What do you think? Have you been watching the Olympics? Can you think of any places on a cruise ship that would be perfect for the games? Let us know in the comments!