Imagine If..... Godmothers Did More than Name The Ship

March 18, 2015

We wrote an article called Graphics or Graffiti a few weeks ago (which you can read here) in which we asked you what you thought of cruise ships with hull art like the entire P&O fleet now has or perhaps, more famously, all of Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship’s.

As the article was written by the team it also included a few cheeky mock ups of what some of the more ‘traditional’ cruise lines would look like if they decorated their ships. As you can imagine, reactions were mixed!

We then moved on and forgot all about it until the recent launch of the P&O Britannia. We were watching the naming ceremony live (we’ve a recording here if you want to see it) when it occurred to us that godmothers don’t really do all that much for a cruise ship.

They turn up, smash a bottle against the hull and are then never heard from again!

So…… (tongue firmly in cheek!) we thought it would be fun to ask “what if godmothers had a much bigger role in a cruise ships life?”

What if, instead of just naming the ship their image was forever featured on the front of the hull as ‘art’?

Would cruise lines continue asking the same type of celebrities to name their ship or would they start looking for younger, more famous (beautiful) Godmothers completely?

What would today’s cruise ships look like if this had already happened?

Here’s what P&O’s new ship would look like with H.M The Queen as ‘hull art’ – What do you think? Do you prefer her to the Union Jack currently on the hull?

It’s certainly very regal!

Queen Godmother

Back in 2010 Princess Fiona (of Shrek fame) named Royal Caribbeans Allure of the Seas – Do you think the below would make the ship more popular with kids?

Princess Fiona

Whoopi Goldberg named the Serenade of the Seas back in 2003  – Would having some celebrity godmothers ‘date’ ships quicker do you think?

Whoopi Goldberg - Godmother to Serenade of the seas

We wonder how grateful Cunard are that godmothers really aren’t used to decorate ships after Camilla named the Queen Victoria back in 2007….

Camilla godmother to Queen Victoria

Saying that Princess’ Royal Princess looks a lot more ‘royal’ with Kate adorning the hull doesn’t it?

Kate Middleton Godmother to Royal Princess

Even River Cruise lines could get in on the act with Joanna Lumley naming the Viking Odin in 2012

Joanna Lumley godmother to the Viking Odin

Would Cruise Lines Go Looking For ‘Superstars’?

If Godmothers did indeed adorn the hulls of ships would cruise lines, in an effort to score the most publicity, go looking for the most beautiful celebrities they could find?

Don’t you think Angelina Jolie would make a great godmother to a Carnival ship……

Ig Angelina Jolie was a cruise ship godmother

Jennifer Aniston is always popular with the paparazzi – Wouldn’t you like to see her on the side of a Royal Caribbean ship?

What if Jennifer aniston was a cruise ship Godmother

Would we see Jennifer Lawrence (of Hunger Game fame) on the hull of a Cunard ship or do you think they’d stick to Royalty still?

What if Jennifer lawrence was a cruise ship godmother

Surely someone would ask Megan Fox to be a godmother if it meant they got to include her on the hull of their ship?

Megan Fox to be cruise ship godmother

Would Cruise Lines Try To Be Controversial?

If cruise ship godmother art ever took off do you think cruise lines would ever get to the point where they tried to out-compete each other for the most controversial of celebrities  to both make their ships more recognisable from a distance and get the most press coverage?

If things ever got to that point surely Kim Kardashian would be an obvious choice?

Kim Kardashian to be cruise ship Godmother

Would anyone be brave enough to ask Miley Cyrus to be godmother to a new ship do you think?

Miley Cyrus godmother rumour

Surely if Miley Cyrus was a godmother someone would ask Lady Gaga? MSC maybe???

What if LAdy Gaga was a cruise ship godmother

Or would some cruise lines go in a different direction and look for more ‘classy’ godmothers?

Jennifer Lopez maybe?

what if Jennifer lopez was a cruise ship godmother

or Scarlett Johansen….

What if Scarlett Johansen was a cruise ship godmother

Something For The Ladies…

Traditionally godmothers have always been, well… godmothers but if this trend ever took off do you think we could ever see godfathers naming a cruise ship? We’re sure there’s some ladies out there who would love to cruise on these ships!

Are there any Gerard Butler fans out there?

Gerard Butler Godfather on a cruise ship

Wouldn’t George Clooney make a ship look more distinguished, especially in his tux?

George Clooney as godfather to a cruise ship

We’ve featured Cunard a couple of times now but as they’re one of the most traditional cruise lines out there don’t you think Justin Timberlake, suited and booted, would make a great godfather?

Justin timberlake as godfather to Queen Elizabeth

Would Johnny Depp make a good godfather? After-all you’ve a ready made nautical theme already….

Johnny Depp as cruise ship godfather

Speaking of tuxedos….. Surely a cruise line would snap up the chance to have Bond, James Bond on their cruise ship!

Daniel Craig as Godfather to Regent Seven Seas

Or could cruise lines go down a much ‘friendlier’ route and have family favourites Ant and Dec as godfathers?

Ant and Dec as godfathers

Or would going down that route mean we may end up with Joey Essex as a godfather – Eeeeeek!

Joey Essex


So what do you think?

Would having their godmothers (and maybe godfathers) emblazoned on the side of their hulls make cruise ships look more interesting?

Who would you want to see on the side of a ship?

Let us know what you think in the comments below…..


And Finally…… (You thought we’d forgotten didn’t you?)

50 shades of cruising

(Drum roll please!) Introducing….. 50 Shades of Cruising!