Have These Tourists Lost Their Mind?

December 22, 2015

Personally we think they’re insane but hundreds of tourists have been flocking to Pedra Do Telégrafo in Brazil to copy this craze.

This, frankly insane, craze was started by fitness fanatic Luis Fernando who uploaded a photo to his Instagram account showing him working out his stomach muscles whilst suspended from a rock, thousands of feet in the air…



Luis, from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was determined to get the photo and so asked his girlfriend to take it as he worked out whilst dangling above the precipice. At the time he claimed it was his “most dangerous stunt yet”.

You can see him here hanging above Pedra Do Telégrafo beach with a beautiful view of Pedra Branca national park in the background.

He went on to say The only thing that was keeping me up was my strength – all the weights I’ve tried in the gym were building up to this moment. My girlfriend was terrified but I was determined to get the photo.”


Since he uploaded the photo hundreds of other tourists have flocked to the area to replicate his photo… Some even bringing their children!











Don’t worry though! Before you call social services (or the men in white coats) on them you may want to take a listen to YouTube blogger Raiza Marinari who called Luis out on his photo.

You see the drop isn’t actually 1,000ft down.

It’s not even 100ft down.

In fact we’re not even sure it’s a 10ft drop!




The ‘effect’ is caused by some rather careful camera positioning and a shelf of rock directly underneath the overhang.

The reason tourists have been flocking to the area is that they can get some truly terrifying looking pictures whilst remaining perfectly safe.

As you can see above the drop off isn’t so much a drop off as a slope down to the beach.


What do you think? Were you fooled?

Have you ever been to Pedra Do Telégrafo?

Would you take this picture?


Let us know in the comments below…