Greek police arrest passengers holding firearms

October 14, 2014

Greek police have arrested four passengers carrying guns onboard the Costa Magica, it has been reported.

Croatian news provider Slobodna Dalmancija Daily reports that the incident happened on Thursday October 2nd, with the four suspects arrested as soon as the ship reached Greece.

Due to the incident, the ship was delayed departing from Piraeus, but this was not communicated to the passengers, who were apparently unaware of any problems onboard.

Despite the severity of the alleged issue, the news provider explained that the news could not be found in the Greek or Italian media. To source the story, Slobodna Dalmacija Daily spoke to crew members from Dubrovnik.

Costa Magica

Costa Magica

The news provider believes the information was withheld because it would be negative news for the cruise industry. People interviewed explained there are 3,000 passengers and 6,000 suitcases screened simultaneously within the space of a few hours, making it easy for weapons to slip under the radar.

With Islamic states repeatedly threatening Americans and their allies, the fact weapons were brought onboard is particularly worrying for travellers.

At the moment, there is no explanation regarding why the four passengers had guns and, while terrorism is suspected, the newspaper does not confirm this to be true.

The Costa Magica recently took part in a counter-terrorism exercise, with the vessel working with the port and local authorities to suppress threats to passengers.

As part of the plans, the Corfu Port Authority, cruise terminal workers, the Greek Coast Guard, police, fire and ambulance forces all worked together to protect the ship.

The exercise saw the port’s emergency plan activated, with unmanned aerial vehicles being used to take photos and videos. These can then be sent back to the incident command centre to increase intelligence.

The Corfu Port Authority deemed the test successful and representatives from 12 other Greek ports were present to spectate