Five of P&O’s Weirdest Cruise Cabins

April 4, 2016

Cruise cabins. Pretty bog standard stuff, right? With their narrow twin beds, sometimes bunk beds, and just about enough room to swing a stowaway cat (or your glad rags for the black tie nights)?


Wrong! Not only does P&O have six classes of comfortable cabins to cater for those with modest budgets yet high expectations and those where money is no object, P&O also understand that not all passengers will fall into the category of ‘cosy couples’. Read on to discover the variety to their cabins!…


Lofty Heights

For the ultimate on-board (and off-board!) bragging rights, opt for a fabulous dual-level suite on-board Aurora – but don’t blame us at if you get looks of envy from other passengers when you oh-so-casually drop going ‘up’ to bed into the dinner conversation (although it’s probably worth the extra money for this alone, just to see them try to hide their jealousy!)


Single and Sorted

Instead of making single passengers cough up for a bed they don’t need with the dreaded ‘single occupancy fee’, P&O prides itself on providing a wide selection of single cabins.

There’s a choice of inside, outside or balcony cabins where you’ll have plenty of space to sit with a glass of bubbles and toast how fabulous freedom is!

P&O’s fantastic new floating fun palace, Britannia, has more single cabins than any other cruise liner – take that smug couples!

And it’s not just solo travelers who want their own space.

You may be happy to share with your companion before you set sail, but it certainly won’t feel that way at 2am on the first night when you find out they’re a secret snorer! Read on for P&O’s solution…



Connect Four

 Or two, or three. No we’re not saying the cabins come with board games.

Aurora and Azura all have interconnecting cabins which are ideal for groups of friends who want to be together but who appreciate their own space – they’re perfect for ducking in and out of each other’s rooms for a glass of wine, a gossip and a look at what you’re planning to wear that night, although when it’s time for bed the doors can be firmly locked (yes, that’s right –an answer for everything!)

Not to mention, most of the interconnecting balcony cabins can be joined up outside – who’s up for a private deck party?


Hubble Bubble

Is there anything more magical than enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne? Yes, there is: getting to do it in your own private bubble bath!

Baths are something we Brits probably take for granted, but on cruise ships they’re as rare as a passenger who doesn’t overfill his plate at the buffet!

On P&O however, not only do all of the suites have full-sized whirlpool baths, some of the best value inside cabins have baths too- bonus!

P&O, we salute you for your bath time democracy!



All Hail the Accessible

All P&O’s accessible cabins feature wide doors, plenty of inside space to manouvre wheelchairs or mobility scooters and ramped access to balconies.

There are also wet room style bathrooms with grab rails and pull down shower chairs, meaning your cruise will be smooth sailing even if the weather’s rough!

weirdest cruise cabins

On P&O there’s a cabin to suit everyone but remember, just like the early bird catches the worm, the early cruiser catches the cabin, so if your heart’s set on one of these more unusual options, book as soon as you can!


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