Eight Views of Norway That Will Absolutely Terrify You

May 14, 2015

Norway and its fjords has always been a popular destination for cruise ships. Its iconic beauty has captivated and enchanted travelers for years now. Whether it be a waterfall roaring down the side of a glacier or a forest clad fjord, its beauty has never been in question.

There’s a darker side to Norway though.

A side few people ever get the chance to see; a side the cruise lines work hard to keep travelers away from – Until now that is!

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team gives you; Norway: Beyond The Beauty…


The Storseisundet Bridge; (The Bridge to Nowhere)

Dubbed The Road to nowhere by the Daily Mail back in 2011 this is in fact an optical illusion; the road continues on safely down the other side and on along the Atlantic Road… It’s just utterly terrifying as you approach it!

Storseisundet Bridge



Trolltunga (Literally Trolls Tongue in English) is a jut of rock in Norway sticking horizontally out of a mountain about 2,300 feet up! It’s become famous for tourists hiking up to get their picture taken hanging over the edge… Not for us thanks!

Would you be brave enough?




Man Chasing Four Geniuses

(Or as we’ve been calling it in the office ‘Man Steps Out of the Shower and is Attacked by Four Scary Babies‘).

We literally have no idea what’s going on here but if you want to see it yourself head over to Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway.

Created by Gustav Vigeland in the mid 1900’s; the park is littered with statues such as this as he created over two hundred other works of (‘art?’) for the park ranging from the weird to the just downright creepy!



This scary looking boulder has become another popular tourist destination; found in the Kjerag Mountains in Rogaland, Norway.

The rock itself is about five meters high and the same again wide and is supposedly firmly lodged above the 984 meter abyss having being dropped there thousands of years ago as a glacial deposit.

It can reached without climbing equipment but we’re still not sure we’d want to risk standing on it!

Could you?



Atlanterhavsveien (Atlantic Road)

The Atlantic Road is an 8.3KM long stretch of road on the coast of Norway connecting the archipelago of Eide and Averoy.

We’re sure it’s very pleasant in the summer but with the Atlantic raging on either side we’re not sure we’d be brave enough to try it any other time of the year, not unless we were a 100% convinced are car could float anyway!


Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

Another scary rock!

Norway does seem to have a lot of them doesn’t it?

This is a tourist attraction located in Forsand, Ryfike, Norway and whilst not as scary as some of the rocks we’ve seen we’re not big fans of how busy this one can get. With over a 150,000 to 200,000 thousand visitors a year the last thing we want to be doing is looking down a vertical drop with a huge crowd at our backs!


Nes Kirkeruin

Said to be one of the most haunted ruins in Norway this old church is a must stop for any amateur ghost hunters out there…



The Laerdal Tunnel

Look away now if you’re claustrophobic!

What do you do if you live in a country where it snows all the time? You build tunnels everywhere of course! The Laerdal tunnel connects Laerdal to Aurland in Norway and makes it onto our list for being twenty kilometres long!

Twenty four!

That’s over fifteen miles!

Best avoid if you’re not a fan of enclosed spaces!

Laerdal tunnel - views of norway


What do you think? Which scared you the most? For us it’s a toss up between peering over the edge of Trolltunga or whatever that statue was (we’ve still no idea)!

Have you been to Norway? Have you seen any of these? what do you think are the best views of norway?

Let us know in the comments below…

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