Eight Great Reasons Everyone Should Try an MSC Cruise at Least Once - Especially if You Have Kids!

January 21, 2015

Have you ever booked a cruise with MSC? If so you probably won’t need to read this article as hopefully you had a great time (don’t worry though we’ve plenty more amazing features for you to read here!)

No, this article is aimed at the large chunk of British Cruisers that have never even considered an MSC cruise.

First off – WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!?

If you’re a fan of cruising then we’re betting at some point you’ve seen an advert or five for MSC but if you’ve not booked with them yet then something must be stopping you.

You see, the problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions that float around regarding MSC and many of them are either unfair or just untrue! A lot of Brits head out on an MSC cruise expecting it to be very similar to other cruise lines they’ve cruised with in the past. The problem with that is that MSC aren’t P&O; they’re not Royal Caribbean; MSC are MSC.

MSC are a Mediterranean cruise line, in fact they’re THE Med Experts but being Mediterranean means that some things may be slightly different to what you’re used to.

That’s not a bad thing; it’s just different. After all, you wouldn’t go to Athens and then get annoyed because no one spoke English and you couldn’t get a decent cup of tea would you? (Well we hope you wouldn’t anyway!)

So what are some of the things the naysayers bring up about MSC you ask?

Everyone will be Italian! – Nope, sorry! Despite what a lot of people seem to think, MSC aren’t an Italian cruise line; they’re Mediterranean. The clues in the name – Mediterranean Shipping Company (see what they did there?)

So yes, there will be lots of different nationalities on-board but then, isn’t that the point of a cruise? Visiting far flung destinations and experiencing different cultures? An MSC cruise is just an extension of that but instead of just visiting different cultures you get to immerse yourself in them on-board your cruise as well.

Italian flag


I won’t understand what anyone’s saying! Yes you will! Relax… English is the lingua-franca across most of Europe so you’ll still be able to socialise with most people on-board.

Even if that weren’t true however there will still be plenty of Brits on-board and ALL the staff speak English – Sorry but being misunderstood just isn’t an excuse for not giving MSC a go.

Union Jack


There’ll be multiple announcements in foreign languages constantly! Kind of…. As we’ve already said there’ll be multiple nationalities on-board so the announcements will be in a variety of languages but the first announcement will always be in English meaning you can ignore the rest of them and as anyone that’s ever been on a cruise will tell you – There aren’t that many announcements anyway; maybe two or three a day. It’s certainly shouldn’t be enough of a nuisance to stop you from giving an MSC cruise a go!



If it’s a foreign ship I won’t understand any of the entertainment! Oh yes you will! This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about MSC (not the biggest though, we’ll get to that in a minute). For some reason everyone expects all the entertainment to be in Italian.

Italian comedians;

Italian singers;

Italian cabaret.

The thing is though that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of MSC’s entertainment will be of a non-lingual nature. Have you ever seen Cirque de Soleil?

A lot of MSC’s entertainment will be of a similar nature so you should expect acrobats, illusionists, magicians and the like.

They’ll still have music acts on but they’ll be performed in the language they were originally intended for. If you’re listening to opera it will be in Italian (then again when is it not?) but if you’re listening to say a Queen tribute act it will be in English (and for the record the tribute acts are always English speaking).

MSC Entertainment


My food’s all Italian and it’s only luke-warm! No and and no… Let’s take these points one at a time shall we?

First of all the food won’t all be Italian, it won’t even all be Mediterranean.  You will notice a bit more of a slant towards that style of cooking on-board but just like all cruise lines everywhere there’ll be a wide variety of choices on-board. Have you ever had a meal on a P&O or Thomson ship that wasn’t English?

Similarly MSC will have a wide choice of dishes too.

As to the complaint that the food is only ever served luke-warm, well this may have a little more basis in fact. Mediterranean cooking and the style in which it’s served is different to English cooking; just as English cooking will be completely different to Bolivian cooking.

Dishes aren’t served piping hot no; just because that’s the Mediterranean norm, that doesn’t mean that your waiter won’t be just as helpful as he would be on any other cruise line though. If you make a special request to have your food served piping hot then that’s how it will arrive for you!



MSC isn’t all about correcting the misconceptions however. There are many, many positive points to an MSC cruise!

Kids Cruise free… Yes, you read that right. Children with MSC cruise free! As with most things in life there are a few terms and conditions (boooo) but they are only minor points.

You still have to pay port charges for your children (that only normally adds up to around £100 though) and you’d still have to book them a flight to get them out to the cruise ship but the cruise itself will be free!

Compare that to some of the prices other cruise lines charge for kids and you’re definitely on to a winner!

And the best thing???

Past about the age of eleven or twelve cruise lines will always charge children adult prices. Not MSC though!

Their definition of a child is anyone under the age of eighteen (now how’s that for a bargain?)

Kids club on MSC


Family Friendly

As you’d expect from a cruise line that lets children cruise for free MSC are incredibly child friendly

Not only do they have some great waterslides:



Their arcades are out of this world with the only F1 simulator at sea (oh and did we mention they have a 4D cinema and a bowling alley as well?)



As well as a wide choice of pools for the kids (and adults) to relax in!



They’re the Med experts!

No guide to MSC would be complete without mentioning the fact that they’re based in the Mediterranean. They know more about the Med, travel to more Med ports, and are more passionate about the Med than any other cruise line – Why wouldn’t they be? After all it’s their home!


Do you still have some questions? If you’re unsure then by all means take a look at our dedicated MSC Q&A section here


If you’d prefer speak to one of our specialist cruise consultants direct – Many of whom have cruised with MSC themselves!

Hopefully we’ll MS…C you onboard (sorry – we couldn’t help ourselves!)