Dive Into Oblivion With These Themeparks You Never Knew You Could Cruise To

June 8, 2016

Okay, so cruising and themeparks are two things you might not automatically put together, but anything to avoid a long winded car drive just for a day trip to all the best rollercoasters, right? The www.CRUISE.co.uk team have discovered a list of themeparks closer to the ports you can sail in to than you think!

Think morning buffets on-board shortly followed by being plunged into a mineshaft at 90 km/h, or a port that looks desolate on the surface with rollercoasters named the best in the world just round the corner.

Your days at port just got so much more exciting…


Happy Valley

Did you know China has a whole chain of amusement parks? We didn’t either! The first one opened in 2002 in Shenzhen, Guangdong and since then, five more have opened in Beijing, Chengdu. Shanghai, Wuhah and Tianjin.

A country that is obsessed with themeparks is most certainly a country to trust for the most thrilling rides combined with a variety of culture to explore…

The park in Shenzhen is proud of its modern entertainments and features nine different themed areas that’ll offer you one of realized fairy tales, the chance to escape from a ‘flood’ on a Gold Mine train and the ride that rises you up to 60 metres in the air in 1.8 seconds before you free fall like a water drop!

chinese rollercoaster

Beijing’s park is split into six districts where all your desire and curiosity will be satisfied with the scenic sights of culture everywhere you look, plus you can bring out your inner child and love for nature in the Ant Kingdom before heading to the Water-Splash festival where people splash water on you to wish you luck and wealth (we like the sound of that…)

family friendly rollercoaster

China’s 1st mega roller coaster can be found in Chengdu, along with the longest mine car ride, first dual rollercoaster and the largest 4D screen theatre in all the parks. This sounds like a record-breaking one to visit; you can also visit a mystical island and a game where ‘the heaven revolves and the earth turns’…you’ll have to go to find out what that means!


In Shanghai there are over 100 attractions, including water based adventures where you’ll hurtle from 26 metres high to the water in ‘Shoot the Chute’. A park renowned for its beautiful scenery and superb technological content, you’ll get to drift along the river admiring the canyon, forests and flowers and the next minute you can have a go on the Wooden-Coaster-Fireball!


Wuhan’s park covers 350,000 square metres and eight districts including Sunshine Beach and Happy Times; the park claims that all of the features offer you enough to satisfy your desire to seek happiness. You’ll find China’s third wooden roller coaster and its first racing roller coaster where you and another ride travel parallel to eachother a few feet apart (after all, a race makes everything so much more exciting).

wooden rollercoaster

The sixth park in Tianjan is the largest one in China regarding indoor area and was the last installation of the Happy Valley theme park chain in 2013. You can have a go on an indoor steel roller coaster that has one of the steepest drops of any roller coaster in the world (plus the rain won’t ever ruin the fun of it)! We don’t know about you but Happy Valley themeparks sound like one for the bucket list for the record breaking rides and vast celebration of culture.


Six Flags Mexico

This themepark located in the South of Mexico was originally called Adventure Kingdom, so you can expect a lot of variety to explore in the form of extreme carnival rides, games and five rollercoasters. It also has ‘Boomerang’, the 1st rollercoaster in the world with an outdoor round trip and ‘Superman, the last escape’ that is the highest and fastest in all of Latin America. It has been planned for families since the beginning in its design so this is one for families to trust as somewhere to make thrilling memories with the kids (it beats the park down the road, doesn’t it?)

six flags mexico


A black hole is now not just something that makes you fear for the end of the universe; ride on Italy’s first ever dive coaster, Oblivion Black Hole, and know that you’ll still be safely back on earth after the thrill! This park lies on the South eastern banks of Lake Garda in Italy and you’ll find over 30 rides including a Madagascar liveshow, Sealife Aqauarium and Marvellous Gardaland Resort hotel to stay in too if you fancy coming back another time to be closer to the action!

italy themepark


Thorpe Park

A classic British themepark that’s less than an hour from the port in Southampton so anybody visiting can pop on over for the day! It’s definitely worth a visit for one of the tallest rollercoasters in Europe and there’s plenty more unique things to do for adrenalin junkies like the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ maze, fright nights and Derren Brown ghost train. Not to mention there’s ‘Island Beats’ too- a music event that happens every weekend where artists perform live for the park until 10pm. Anyone else ready to petition to bring the festival vibe to theme parks even more?

ghost train



We all like a reason to make friends at home even more jealous of your holiday and this Swedish themepark gives you that with a ride that’s been named ‘The best Wooden Rollercoaster In The World’. This is home to Scandanavia’s longest and fastest rollercoaser, Helix, too. Some people like being thrown up into the air right? Mechanica spins you 360 degrees and 360 metres up in the sky! It even has Children’s Paradise which was shaped around the Barnens Paradis that opened in 1924 as a perfect haven for kids with activities like gigantic nets to climb and a Venetian carousel (only a paradise for the kids, we hear you ask?)

 themepark carousel


Take the saying ‘killing two birds with one stone’ to the next level and experience six worlds in one with one of Europe’s most iconic themeparks. Shock yourself with a tranquil visit to a fishing village amongst the thrilling atmosphere (all inspired by the Mediterranean) or discover China in Spain with a monumental tour and an invitation to challenge the feared Dragon Khan. Get a taste of Mexico by visiting the thousand year old Mayan culture on tour and put your bravery to the test in a 100 metre free fall on-board the Hurakan Condor. Who says you need to physically travel the world to personally feel every culture?

mayan culture



Head to the Netherlands for a promised world of wonders and you’ll find a theme park situated right in the middle of nature. Hate the feeling of falling? Well scare yourself on this! Baron 1898 is a ride that’ll plunge you down 37.5 metres free fall into a mineshaft at a speed of 90 km/h (but you’ll know there’s a themepark expert in control of it so nothing to worry about!) No one can deny a good horror film so opt for the Villa Volta madhouse that rotates so you don’t know the difference between the floor and the ceiling and Spookslot is the haunted house that is a creepy scene of darkness you must escape.

netherlands themepark

Tivoli Gardens

An all-round pleaser: a themepark located in the centre of Copenhagen and a perfect place for the young and the old. It was founded in 1843 and quickly became a national treasure for its exotic architecture, historic buildings and thousands of coloured lights that create a dreamy fairytale atmosphere! Europe’s best ride in 2014 can be found here in the form of Vertigo: a ride that turns you upside down at 100 km/h, plus there’s a diner with American style burgers to settle your nerves before (or maybe that’s not such a good idea if you’re going to be upside down!)

tivoli gardens


Europa Park

A family owned themepark in South-west Germany where there’s country-themed areas with over 100 attractions and six hours of shows everyday. It features the Silverstar rollercoaster, the second highest in Europe, that’s visible from miles around, but if you don’t fancy that sort of height go for the 4D cinema or other interactive attractions! Feel like you’re in Italy with an animatronic show, Carnival in Venice, or visit France with a Puppet Boat Ride.

themepark ride

Disneyland Paris

The themepark that’s famously popular with kids and big kids all around the world! But it’s not all dancing Disney characters… you can get your heart racing with the special effects found in the spacecraft control room: this is an Armageddon ride where you’re hit with ‘end of the world’ effects! Or if you want something extravagant and enthusiastic there’s always Hollywood Boulevard; jump into the limelight yourself when there’s a full production in process of the bright lights of the glitzy 20s and swinging 60s! Or if you love a Toy Story theme you can have a go on the Toy Soldiers Parachute drop, a thrilling 82 ft drop above an army base full of lookout towers and oversized green soldiers- go on, get into the swing of all things Disney no matter what your age, you know you want to!

disneyland paris


What are your thoughts? Are you shocked at how many themeparks round the world you can cruise to? Which one is your favourite? Are you a Disney lover or do you need to be moving 100 mp/h upside down to be thrilled? Let us know below…