The Definitive Guide To Surviving A Zombie Outbreak On A Cruise Ship

October 31, 2016

Well, it’s that time of year again: trick or treating along the roads by your house (or hiding inside from them for fear of trick, not treat), practicing your best skeleton face makeup for the kids costumes and hanging up cobwebs to entertain that annual spooky feeling. 

It’s Halloween and you either love it or you hate it, you’re either a zombie movie fanatic or the Scrooge of the season. Over the years there’s been lots of Zombie-related TV, everything from World War Z starring Brad Pitt, to the popular series Walking Dead. But has anyone ever thought to combine the scariest night of the year with cruises?…

Here at we pride ourselves on being your go-to for anything and everything to do with cruises by producing guides for any conceivable situation that could occur on a cruise ship, so wouldn’t we be wrong to miss out on covering a zombie apocalypse?!

Without further ado, in honour of Halloween, here it is- our guide on surviving a zombie outbreak at sea! Can you afford not to read it?…. 



That was your guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse! Have you ever been on a cruise over Halloween or seen anything spooky on-board? What are your usual plans for the scary season? Leave us your comments!