Cruiser Complains After Her View Is ‘Blocked By A Cow’

June 1, 2015

A woman on a recent cruise with Royal Caribbean had to make a complaint after boarding when she found the view from her cabin was blocked by a cows ‘dairy-aire’ (see what we did there?)

Or she would have at least had she not been warned in advance by one of our specialist cruise consultants.

We are of course, talking about one of our favourite little known facts about Royal Caribbean

Cabin 6305 on their Freedom Class of ships

Legend has it that this room (which we think showcases Royal Caribbean’s sense of humour at its finest) actually came about by mistake.

Cabin 6305 on the Independence, Freedom and Liberty of the Seas was originally supposed to be just an ordinary Promenade Stateroom (themselves pretty unusual staterooms anyway – An inside cabin with a window looking out onto the Royal Promenade) but quickly turned into something special.

After the Ben and Jerry’s parlour was added to the Royal Promenade it was quickly realised that the two cows atop the awning would block the view of any guests looking out and thus was born the Ben and Jerry ‘sweet’

Cabin 6305 Independence of the Seas

Cabin 6305 Independence of the Seas

You won’t find it called that on any deck plans and you won’t find it in any official literature from Royal Caribbean but if you’re one of the ones in the know and manage to book this cabin then you’re in for a treat!

The entire cabin is decorated in a cow motif with cow sheets and pillows, cow pictures on the walls and cow ornaments decorating the room.

You’ll also be given access to the concierge lounge – the only inside cabin in the fleet to come with this perk and perhaps best of all… You’ll be given free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream all cruise!!!

Upon checking in you’ll find a note waiting for you in your cabin from Royal Caribbean saying –


Welcome aboard the Freedom / Liberty / Independence of the Seas!

Due to your stateroom’s proximity to our delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop and because of your unique view of Ben & Jerry’s mascots, overlooking the Royal Promenade, we’ve proudly designated this stateroom Ben & Jerry’s “Sweet”.

Accommodations in this “sweet” come with benefits not available to our other guests.

  • Complimentary Ben & Jerry’s ice cream treats for each guest (Enclosed in your folder are two complimentary vouchers. These vouchers are valid for seven visits per guest.)
  • Access to the “Cow” concierge lounge on deck 10 aft.
  • A fun themed stateroom, uniquely to Royal Caribbean International

However, should you find the cows outside of your windows to be a “moo” isance during your cruise vacation with you, please contact Guest Relations by dialling “0” and we’ll be pleased to “moo” ve you to an “udder “stateroom (if available).

In the meantime, we wish you a pleasurable cruise vacation.


You can see a tour of the room in the video below…



What do you think? Could you stay in this room? Would you/have you? (Free ice cream remember!!!)

Let us know in the comments below…