Cruise Lines Increase Cost Of Gratuities

May 14, 2015

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises have both announced a review of their gratuity programmes on board.

Guests who sail with Royal Caribbean International on or after July 1st will be asked to pay up to $1.70 a day per person for the crew’s tips.

The price will up from $12 to $12.95 for standard cabin cruisers and from $14.25 to $15.95 for suite passengers.

Passengers with existing bookings who wish to pre-pay the current rates will have to do so before the 1st of June, after that passengers will have to pay the new higher amount.


Similarly, Celebrity Cruises have also upped their ante on the gratuity programmes and will be charging more from July 1st, the table shows the amounts per person.

Old Prices New Higher Prices Prices for Staterooms
$12 $12.95 Standard Stateroom
$12.50 $13.45 Concierge Class Stateroom
$12.50 $13.45 Aqua Class Stateroom
$15.50 $16.95 Suite Class Stateroom


Guests booked with Celebrity who pre-pay their gratuities before June 1st are still able to do so based on the current lower guideline amounts.

Both of the Cruise lines say that they think the adjustments are put in place to help recognize the exceptional work that the staff and crew give to deliver a once in a lifetime holiday to their guests. Many complimentary offers are now being introduced e.g. complimentary drinks, Wi-Fi, Shipboard credits etc. and they are worried it will cut into crew members tips.

Has the sudden change of plan got anything to do with Norwegian Cruise lines ascend in prices that was introduced earlier this year?

Is this something to expect from all cruise lines now?

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