Crazy Images Of Shark Diving – Would You?

September 18, 2014

Shark diving is THE ultimate adrenaline sport; who fancies getting up close and personal with the most feared predator in the world? The infamous great white has death spears for teeth and can grow up to 6 metres long. That’s probably 3 or 4 yous – pretty big – so you get maximum brave points for your money. However, shark diving has faced controversy for provoking sharks into attacking humans. So: would you do it? We explain a little more to help you decide…

Flickr: Kalanz

So, the whole thing starts out pretty tame. Everyone hops in a giant cage, all smiles. Nothing to worry about; just nice warm water, sun shining, snorkels…

Flickr: Kalanz

Once underwater, the sharks can sometimes play it cool, not showing much interest in the other most feared predators in the world (the massive cage full of humans) who’ve just dropped by their territory. Seriously, why are people even scared of these animals?

But then this happens:


OMG, shark attack! This looks insane. Those teeth can cut through flesh and bone in just one bite – how long until the metal gives, too?

Youtube: Maxresdefault

Well actually, quite a long time. But still – it looks vicious, right?

Shark divers don’t panic though, no no. This is what they came for! This guy is just chillin’ –  look how happy he is!


From Aspire to Beyond

There are lots of different ways you can experience shark diving. This girl is fearless, in what looks like a simple, flimsy cage dipped into the water.


Shark Cage Diving KZN


And then there are those who don’t even need cages. Ultimate respect to this girl, who seems to have dropped into some circle of hell just for kicks.


But ultimately, the whole experience looks pretty beautiful. Sharks look amazing up close, and most really are harmless unless provoked.


Flickr: DKeats

Bravery points and an amazing experience to boot…

Meanwhile, above water…


Flickr: BAndrew

Some argue that cage diving with Great Whites is unsustainable, distressing for the sharks and bad for conservation efforts, although there seem to be fewer moral problems with scuba diving near to less aggressive or endangered species. The decision of whether to do it is yours – but fear shouldn’t be the only factor!

If we’ve tempted you to going swimming with sharks, you can do it in a number of amazing locations all around the globe, ranging from California to Cairns, Fiji to South Africa.

Try cage diving in Australia with Shark Cage Diving here, White Shark Diving in S.A., or in California with Great White Adventures. offers a wide range of shark diving opportunities all over the world.