Major Cruise Line Abolishes Formal Nights

November 12, 2015

Celebrity Cruises have announced that they’ll be getting rid of the formal nights in which cruisers are required to dress up to the nines.

The formal night dress code is being relaxed across the fleet and will no longer require a jacket and tie. They’ll now be known as “evening chic” nights instead.

Celebrity Cruises have moved to reassure guests, explaining that evening chic will be dressier than the smart casual wear that is worn on most evenings but won’t be as dressy as formal wear.

The change in dress codes is apparently due to an evolving passenger mix.

The vice president of hotel operations for Celebrity explained: “As we’re watching our guests, we see this is how they’re vacationing. They are becoming more casual but at the same time, still sophisticated. They still want great food and great service, but they want to experience it in a more relaxed, casual way.”


For some cruisers though, dressing up for formal nights and dinner is half of the fun.

That being said, certain clothes are still not acceptable for evening chic as ripped jeans, shorts and t-shirts won’t be allowed under any circumstances.

As well as this, the Captain’s Reception drinks will now reflect where you’re sailing to. Instead of just being handed a sparkling wine, you’ll have a drink relating to your destination. For example if you’re sailing in the Med you could receive a Bellini or if in the Caribbean you might get a mojito.

In addition the Captain’s Table dinner will now no longer just be the preserve of the Captain but instead may be hosted by officers ranking three stripes and above or else you could find yourself dining with the hotel director or guest relations manager.

All these changes will come into effect from December 4th of this year.


Do you think Celebrity is wrong to ditch formal evenings or do you prefer to be more dressed down for dinner?

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