Bored of Bruges- What else is there to do?

September 23, 2014

Bruges has to be the most popular stop for a mini cruise from the UK, but if you’re one of those people that have been one, two, or even nine times then once you’ve wandered the squares and done the canal boat ride, the fairytale Belgium city can lose a little of its magic.

If you find you’ve become a little bored of Bruges, here’s some inspiration for things to do that are a little more off the beaten track…………….


The ‘In Bruges’ Walking Tour

If you’re a fan of the cult black comedy ‘In Bruges’, why not walk in Colin Farrell’s footsteps on the In Bruges Walking Tour? This tour runs on a Tues, Weds and Fri from the Lybeer Hostel – and best of all, it’s free!

Or, if you fancy doing the movie tour at your own pace, you’ll find the key locations on this map. Please note accepts no liability if you don’t meet Colin on your walk!

Tourist in Bruges


The Basilica of the Holy Blood

Some might find it a little on the creepy side but this stunning neo-gothic basilica is home to what is reported to be a vial of the blood of Jesus Christ himself. Whether you’re a believer or not, the sombre atmosphere makes this curious experience quite moving. How many other cruises give you the chance to see the blood of Christ!!??!!

Bruges Holy Blood

Surrealism in the City

Hitting the museum trail of a city can be overwhelming – especially if you only have few hours in port. Focus your appetite for art on surrealism at the Salvador Dali exhibition and you won’t be disappointed. The intriguing interior of this museum spins quite the fairytale through the artworks, sculptures and films of Dali, making for a magical experience that’s a world away from stuffy museums and highbrow galleries – you end up with some interesting holiday pics, too.

Surrealism melting clocks

Windmills and Waterways

If you fancy giving your legs a good stretch off-ship the Bruges Art Route is like a breath of fresh air. Hire a bike or just set off on a walk of this peaceful pathway which takes you along the canal, past pretty windmills and on what feels like a journey back in time.

Paints and easel not included but we do recommend a camera phone; this is one of those routes where you end up taking loads of landscape pictures that are beautiful at the time but none of your friends or family seem interested in when you get home.

Bruges Windmill


Rail City

What do you get when you cross a pub with a model railway?

If you don’t know then you need to get yourself down to Rail City to experience this odd-sounding combination for yourself. Here you can sit with a beer and watch the model railway in action – the perfect way to rest your legs after a few hours sightseeing.

Rail model



We all know that Belgium is world famous for its incredible chocolates and picking up a box when in Bruges is a no brainer.

However, real chocoholics might want to take their sweet adventures in the city a little further by paying a visit to the Choco-Story Chocolate Museum. Inside this cavern of confectionary you’ll find chocolate sculptures, chocolate demonstrations, a chocolate shop and, best of all, free chocolate samples.

Belgian chocolate


Bruges Beer Academy

Belgian beer is something of an institution and if the sightseeing becomes thirsty work, the Café’t Burgs Beertje serves over 300 brands of it!

300 brands!!!!!! (It might be best not to sample them all though; we don’t want you missing the ship!)

This quaint little beer house, on cobbled Kemelstraat, is the perfect place to whet your whistle.

Belgian beer


Bruges really is beautiful cruise destination, with plenty to do even when you look beyond the historic churches, stunning squares and picturesque waterways. If you fancy taking another look at this picture-perfect medieval port town, why not book onto one of the many cheap mini cruises available? No matter how many times you’ve been before, there’s no need to be bored when In Bruges.