Announcing: The MSC Seaside

March 20, 2015

MSC’s latest cruise ship, to be known as the MSC Seaside will be their most innovative and futuristic ship to date and is to set sail from Miami, Florida all year round after it makes its debut in November 2017 where it will go head to head with other giants of the cruising world like Oasis and Allure of the Seas!

Gianni Onorato of MSC Cruises commented to say:  “The Seaside class of ships is part of MSC Cruises’ $5.3 billion fleet expansion plan that will allow the company to double its capacity by 2022. Today is a very exciting day for the company as this is the first major announcement related to the company’s new builds and demonstrates our enthusiasm and long-term commitment to continuing to expand our presence in North America.”

The Aquapark…

MSC have released several new details of its ship which will include a giant aqua-park featuring five waterslides including a dual, 367ft high feature to be known as SlideBoarding that thrill seeking guests can race each other down! The slide will include a raft with an embedded games controller with which players will be challenged to match the colour of the flashing strobe lights seen on various sections of the slide to the coloured buttons on the raft.

MSC Seaside Aquapark

Other aspects of the aqua-park are the  duelling high-speed aqua tubes featuring a combined 525 feet of twists, turns and drops on slides that extend over the side of the ship – enabling riders to get that stomach dropping ‘man over board’ feeling before whizzing down to safety!

For the younger (or slightly saner) passengers the park will also feature Aqua Play and Aqua Spray areas which are filled with various water based shenanigans for kids to enjoy.

See yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? You’ll find an adventure trail on-board that includes rope brides, climbing towers, slides and crawl throughs, all whilst looking at amazing views of the aqua-park directly underneath you!.

MSC Seaside

“MSC Cruises has the unique opportunity to provide North American guests with a ‘Mediterranean Style Cruise’ experience that no other line is able to offer, and guests from around the world a unique setting as it sails to the most sought-after destinations in the Caribbean” added Onorato. “Since bringing MSC Divina to Miami in November 2013, we’ve seen significant demand from consumers in the product, excellent support from our travel agent partners and the growing need for additional MSC Cruises’ ships in the market.”

MSC seaside will make her way to Miami for MSC cruises’ first ever christening ceremony in the U.S.

The vessel is being built by Italian company ‘Ficantieri’ and is the largest one they have ever made, accommodating up to 4,140 guests and weighing a whopping 154,00 tons, costing MSC cruises $5.3 billion!


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