25 Of The Stupidest Cruise Complaints We’ve Ever Heard

July 23, 2015

We must have heard them all over the years, from the genuine to the funny to the just plain “I’m sorry, did you really just say that?”

Please don’t misunderstand us, as great as we all know cruising to be we’re sure if you made a complaint on-board you’d have a good reason to do so and would never dream of complaining about some of things the people below did.

They’re all genuine complaints we’ve heard over the years though, all made by genuine cruisers and all for genuine reasons (or at least they must have thought so in their own heads!)



Did they not know who he was?

Honeymoon cruise complaint

How very dare he!

Captain wouldnt wait cruise complaint

Isn’t stalking illegal?


Seems fair to us…

Alaska cruise complaint


Our specialist cruise consultant Zara shared this with us –


You can read more from Zara here…

Bah… Humbug!

Scrooge cruise complaint


No one likes getting sea sick!

sea sick cruise complaint


Why would you want it to…?

titanic cruise complaint


What a great idea!

too loud cruise complaint


Not with these shoes dahling!

Fashion cruise complaint


The photographer can only work with what’s there…

Ugly cruise complaint


Just get a louder alarm clock!

uy an alarm clock cruise complaint


Some people shouldn’t be allowed out on their own

Some people need escorting everywhere cruise complaint


Remind us to avoid that waterpark

waterpark cruise complaint


`Who doesn’t like  a good curry?

Curry cruise complaint


We’re sure they’ll get right on that for you

sieasta time cruise complaint


Well what did you think they did?

mosquito cruise complaint


Actually… we quite like this idea; outdoors air-conditioning!

Air conditioning cruise complaint


Eugh, white sand!!!!

White sand cruise complaint


Some people shouldn’t be allowed out on their own (again)

stupid cruise complaint


Well we like hairdressers!

hairderesser cruise complaint


We have no words…

pregnancy cruise complaint


Or just go to a different beach?

stupidest cruise complaints


Seems legit…

stupidest cruise complaints


Well you would be startled wouldn’t you?

stupidest cruise complaints


We’re sure these people thought they had genuine reasons to complain. Either that or they were just trying it on!

What do you think?

What’s the funniest complaint you’ve ever heard when you were on holiday?

Let us know in the comments below…