21 Images That Are Going To Make You Wish You Were Cruising Right NOW

September 18, 2015

Be careful reading this, we warn you it’s going to make you jealous!

Reading this will make you impatient for your next cruise.

Are you excited? We always are for our next cruise (these photos are just making it worse).


That amazing feeling when you finally see your cruise ship in real life…

Stepping on-board and being taken back by how beautiful the ship is


Main Atrium of the Royal Princess #cruise #cruiseship #cruisewall #cruiselife #ChrissiesRoyalRead A photo posted by James Crossland (@james_crossland) on

Seeing your cabin for the first time…

#owealaska13 #cruisecabin

A photo posted by Dave (@owego2) on


And being glad you booked that balcony


The first time you order a cocktail and realise NOW you’re on holiday


Enjoying a relaxing massage in the spa as the scenery just drifts by

Or just chilling by the pool

Spacious pool deck on #HapagLloydCruises #Europa2 #cruise #travel #luxury

A photo posted by Jason Leppert (@popularcruising) on

Or maybe even trying the waterslide (you are on holiday after all)

And getting off the ship to explore them



Or just relaxing in clear blue waters like this…



  Ⓑ L U E L ッ G O O N … ?   A photo posted by S O T I R I S L O V A R I S (@slovaris) on


Or this…


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos ?? with @alpgalip & @tugcekortan A photo posted by Altug Galip Awesome Nature (@kyrenian) on



Taking silly holiday selfies

Getting sunburned but not caring because you need to get ready for the formal night



Enjoying all the nightlife the ship has to offer



Then having breakfast with an ocean view


Breakfast on deck, sea views & morning sun! #LuxeCruising Photo: Crystal Cruises A photo posted by Luxe Cruising (@luxecruising) on



Treating yourself to a greasy lunch



  This just happened! ? #GuyFieri #CarnivalSpirit #burger #Foodies #InstaEats #CruiseCuisine #nomnom #cruisefood   A photo posted by Carnival Cruise Line Australia (@carnivalcruiselineau) on


Or maybe even a healthy one if you’re feeling good



Either way is fine as dinner will be so delicious

As will dessert…



Admit it, you wish you were on a cruise right now, don’t you?



  #makingwaves #cruise #vacation #carnivalfascination #bahamas   A photo posted by Stephanie Hutcheson (@hutch81) on


When’s your next cruise booked for? Are you excited?

Let us know where you’re going in the comments below…