19 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Asked Of Our Consultants

February 5, 2016

Here at www.CRUISE.co.uk we’re proud of our Specialist Cruise Consultants. They’re on hand at all hours of the day (or night) to help you with planning or booking your cruise, they’ll even give you a call once you’re home to make sure everything went OK!

They’re a great source of cruise information as they’ll either of done it themselves, work with someone who’s done it or had a client that did it and told them all about it… and what’s more they love sharing all this expert knowledge with you, whether that’s on the phone or via Facebook.

Now whilst we’d like to think they know the answer to any possible cruise related question sometimes even their expertise is put to the test. Sometimes they’re asked a question that, well let’s just say is a bit odd (we mean might take a little research)!

Below then are nineteen of the weirdest questions ever asked of our Specialist Cruise Consultants


Stacey-WilliamsStacey Williams

I once had a guy grilling me to find out about the bagels on a P&O ship. He wanted to know the brand, the colour and the dimensions of them as he would only eat them if they matched his specifications!”


You can get in touch with Stacey here…

WayneWayne Frieslander

“In the days when sharing a cabin with a complete stranger was normal e.g. P&O’s Canberra…    I was once asked by a lady client to book her a lady share in a four berth cabin with a balcony.”

“For my husband, book a four berth share with three men in an inside cabin as far away from mine as possible”.

“Believing I had misheard her request, I questioned her again.”

Her answer was “my husband snores so loudly, cruises are just about the only time I ever get a decent night’s sleep!!!”

You can speak to Wayne here…


hannahHannah Wilson

“I once booked a cruise for an elderly gentleman who would only cruise on a ship that served spotted dick at lunchtime.”


“I also once had two Catholic Priests ask for a double bed – I didn’t know what to say!”

You can learn more about Hannah here…


holly cruise consultantHolly Crabtree

“I was once asked by a customer if they could take their Poodle on the cruise – They could as it turns out! But only if I booked them on Cunard’s QM2 which has dedicated kennels.”



You can see more of Holly here…


colletteColette Apak

“I think the strangest question I’ve ever been asked is what brand of butter P&O use.”



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Louise ThompsonLouise Thompson

“I once had someone ask of the Carnival Victory 7 night roundtrip from Barbados: ‘So, we’ve been thinking.  As the ship is going to St Thomas, San Juan, St Maarten etc. but only there for a day in each port at the moment we thought it’d be better if it stayed in St Maarten for 2 nights then, stayed in San Juan for 3 nights, then 3 nights in St Thomas…… Can you make it do that as we’d like to see more of each island?’

You can get in touch with Louise here… 


Molly-McIntyreMolly Mcintyre

“I got asked how the cruise lines can charge for just a picture of a window. I had to explain the cabin would have a picture window as opposed to a porthole.”


“Strangest request I ever had was from someone who needed the dimensions of the dance floor in the Queens Room on the Queen Elizabeth.” 

You can speak to Molly here…


julia-rhodes-150x150Julia Rhodes

“I once had a chap ask me where he and his wife would be able to ‘spend some quality time together’ on their Fred Olsen cruise as the beds were in a twin L-shaped configuration and if there would be enough room on the floor!! I could have died!!”


You can learn more about Julia here


bARBARA hOPLEYBarbara Hopley

“But why do I have to have a cabin steward? was one of the oddest questions I’ve ever been asked. I had to explain their cabin would be similar to a hotel – do you really want to clean your room yourself?”


“Can I take my cat if it’s on medical grounds? – To this day I’m not sure what the medical grounds were!”

 You can see more of Barbara here 


Of course whilst many of these questions are quite amusing the old adage is true… ‘There’s no such thing as a stupid question!’

And that’s where we think our Specialist Cruise Consultant’s come into their own. Whilst they may instantly know the answer to any and all of the weird and whackiest cruise questions you can think of… well they’ve been doing this for a long time!

If it’s your first cruise it’s OK to pick their brains about anything and everything, in fact they want you to!

And trust us, no matter how silly or trivial you think your question is someone will have asked something a lot sillier before!


hannahHannah Wilson

“Will the cabin window be above or below water?”


“Will my inside cabin have a balcony?”


“I was disappointed that there was nothing to see except water when we crossed the Atlantic. What Compensation will Cunard give me?”.

You can learn more about Hannah here…


Max-boobyer-Max Boobyer

“When the ship docks, can I get off?”


“Can I have a self-catering cabin to make it cheaper?”


“Do you do cruises to Alaska from Southampton? I don’t like flying and I’ve got 2 weeks off in August and want to go to Alaska.”

You can see more of Max’s tips and advice here…


Molly-McIntyreMolly Mcintyre

“Will the balcony on my balcony cabin be above or below the water line!”



You can speak to Molly here…


So go ahead and ask… Our Specialist Cruise Consultants are all really nice people and are waiting to answer your questions (or just chat with you about cruising!)

You can get in touch with them here…