175 Years of Cunard Memories

May 19, 2015

With Cunard’s 175th anniversary coming up and the three Queens visiting Liverpool this weekend we thought it’d be nice if we asked our cruise community what their favourite memories of Cunard was from over the years. (Although we know no one will remember the full 175 years… our cruise community isn’t quite that old!)

Whether it be visiting a favourite destination or a taking a cruise for a special occasion, we wanted to hear their (and your) views!


As it turned out our forum members had quite a few memories to share…

Happy said: “We have lots of wonderful memories of our Cunard cruises. The most special one was our 30th wedding anniversary celebrating on Queen Victoria and renewing our wedding vows on board, the icing on the cake was our Queens Grill Suite. We will be on Queen Victoria one week today and we are really looking forward to joining in the celebrations.”

For Bradbury, it was the food that stuck with her as she had: “the most amazing Bouillabaisse soup I have ever had in my life. A dish never to be repeated again that came with a crust of some type of pastry on top. The most wonderful fish broth – It was amazing and for whatever reason it has stuck in my mind.”

Cunard food

Cruisegas said that she’d a wonderful time on the Lusitania Remembered sailing. “I’m sure all the guests and certainly the families on this commemorative voyage savoured every moment. From the very moving wreath laying service over the wreck site to the special service’s held in Cobh throughout the day, topped off by the special events during our week on board. It was also a wonderful opportunity for so many families, friends and the historians to meet up and share the stories of the impacts from that fateful day 100 years ago. An experience our family will treasure for a lifetime.”

She added: “I’m fortunate to be back on board Queen Victoria next week for the Three Queens event in Liverpool, no doubt that will be very special too although for different reasons.”

Cunard through time - cunard memories

Another cruiser told us how even in times of tragedy, cruisers have come together on Cunard and become like family.

Noreen said: “My First memory of Cunard is being on board QE2 on September 11 2001 on our way from Southampton to New York. We were having lunch in Princess Grill when our waiter Magic brought the news that the first planes had hit the Twin Towers. While we were able to get some information it was not until we got back home we discovered the true disaster that shook the world.”

“We were supposed to arrive in New York the following Sunday but due to the Port being closed we were diverted to Boston. People were taken by bus from there to New York. We were due to spend 3 nights in New York and fly back but as a great number of Cabins were not occupied we booked to return on QE again. While it brought a sad feeling to the cruise it brought everyone together in a most amazing way. It was like one big family. We made friends on that cruise that we still have and see every year even though we are in different countries.”

You can read the full thread and the rest of the comments on our forum here.

Cunard through time


And our Facebook cruise fans had plenty of memories to share as well!

Irene T said: “I travelled on Cunard in 1953 age 15 to Montreal on way to Toronto from Liverpool loved every minute as a teenager it was exciting I am now 78 and the memories are still there. Thank you Cunard.”

Myra D explained that even though she hasn’t sailed on Cunard herself, she still has plenty of memories about it… “I haven’t actually cruised with Cunard or any other company, but grew up listening to my Dad’s stories who was 2nd confectioner on the original Queen Elizabeth during World War 2 and our visit to ‘His’ ship while docked at Southampton in 1966/7. I still have the little sailor he bought me on the ship. Also remember his tears when the ship burned and sank in Hong Kong Harbour.”

Cunard through time - cunard memories

Angela S said:My first adult cruises were on the Cunard countess in the Caribbean in 1994 and 1995. It was such a happy ship -like an oversized party. On my return to the ship I was welcomed back by the ships officers, and I’ve never forgotten Olvara (our waiter) or Juan (our busboy) Happy Birthday Cunard!”

Graeme H and partner Marian sailed on the Queen Elizabeth over to new York. “The Captain came on the tannoy and explained that there were two hurricanes in the middle of the Atlantic and it was not possible to avoid them so we were going to sail between them. Ugh!!! 140 mile an hour winds lashed the ship and waves were crashing over the library deck (eight decks up) but for all that – she was as steady as a rock. Unlike a previous cruise with Mytravel sailing through the Bay of Biscay when the staff came round and bolted down our cabin porthole. We had to stuff the drawers in the cabin with pillows to stop them crashing in and out during the night. Fortunately we are well seasoned sailors and loved every minute. Just back after a lovely week on the Island Escape which is due to be taken out of service at the end of October.”

Fiona H added: “All my Cunard memories are fond memories and the latest were created a mere two weeks ago….I look forward to making many more in the future.”

Cunard through time


We also turned to our cruise consultants to see what they had to say about their adventures with Cunard…

Betsy cruise consultant

Betsy told us about her crossing on Cunard between New York and Southampton: “I get goosebumps now thinking about my voyage it is a ‘must do ‘ travel experience, on the most famous crossing in history on the most amazing ocean liner and it really is a unforgettable experience which I will never forget.”  You can read more about Betsy here.


abbi cruise consultant

Our consultant Abbi particularly remembered the food: “The food was fantastic on board, so much choice on the menu and delicious meals with great service. Every evening I enjoyed a delicious starter, and main and of course I always left room for my desert. The best meal I had was an amazing steak, I am a steak lover and this was cooked to perfection and so soft it melted in my mouth!” You can learn more about Abbi here.


Kerry cruise consultantKerry explains that it was her experience of afternoon tea that stands out “My fondest memory was having afternoon tea in the Queens Room on Queen Mary 2 – having white gloved waiters serving us sandwiches and scones just freshly baked, whilst a string quartet played to us.” You can learn more about Kerry and her time on Cunard here.


cunard afternoon tea


holly cruise consultantOur consultant Holly thought that Christmas on Cunard was something special: “Speaking to passengers before I sailed on her the consensus was that people have a special place in their heart for the Queen Mary and I really couldn’t understand why until I was sailing on her myself. As this was a pre Christmas cruise, the Christmas decorations certainly didn’t disappoint! She was filled with stunning Christmas Trees but what did surprise me was the attention to detail with decorations. If you have sailed on her yourself at Christmas you will appreciate the wonderfully erected Gingerbread Village and the little Beatrix Potter figures surrounding the Christmas Trees. They really were beautiful.” You can learn more about Holly here.


Louise cruise consultantAnother consultant Louise added that her father was one of the head chefs on the QE2 in the 70’s! You can learn more about Louise and her cruise travels here.



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Have you got any fond memories of Cunard to add? Let us know in the comments below!