15 Photos That’ll Make You Wish You Were In Alaska Right Now

October 18, 2016

Alaska, home of incredible landscapes, breath taking views and a whole host of wildlife… It’s a holiday destination on so many people’s bucket list because of the outstanding, unspoilt beauty that awaits you.

With everything from national parks, wilderness lodges, whale watching to glacier exploring, a world of adventure lies in Alaska. You could come face to face with a grizzly, go canoeing through crystal clear waters or eat fresh seafood in an authentic Canadian diner.

Take a look to find 15 photos that’ll make you wish you were in Alaska right now!


The wildlife is all around you


And you’ll soon spot even the rarest of animals


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And some of the more well-known ones


You can peer into another world

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The sky lights up around you


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A hike to the top gives you a bird’s eye view


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You’ll fall in love with the rugged landscape



And it’s not all snow – there’s plenty of hot weather in summer too!


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You could get used to finding hidden spots


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There’s more than one way to travel around


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You can find some pretty spectacular sunsets


And some unbelievable water formations


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In fact, it’ll blow you away


And you’ll soon be planning your next trip back to Alaska


To see the sights all over again!


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So there you have it! Would you like to travel to Alaska? Have you been before? Let us know in the comments below…