12 Of The Creepiest Places You Can’t Cruise To Anymore

May 29, 2015

At seven billion people the global population is now bigger than it’s ever been which is perhaps why it’s so surprising to find there are still so many places left to discover.

Perhaps what’s more surprising than that however is the amount of places that were once inhabited but have now long been abandoned.

All of the following were once, in their own way, busy, thriving areas of human activity but now stand empty and give an eerie insight into what our planet would look like sans mankind.



The village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne was almost completely destroyed by the Nazi’s on the 10th June 1944 when 642 of the villages residents were sadly massacred.



A new village was built nearby but the ruins were deliberately left as a memorial by then French President Charles de Gaulle.



Maunsell Sea Forts

The Mansauell Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary were abandoned in the early ‘50’s but were originally built to defend against German air raids during World War 2


The Paris Catacombs

Holding the remains of over six million people this underground ossuary has the unofficial title of the World’s Largest Grave.

The Paris Catacombs


Opened in the late 18th century it was already a tourist attraction by the advent of the 19th century and is today part of the official Paris Musees institution.

Technically not abandoned, it’s found a place in our list jut because we found it so creepy!

Paris Catacombs


Hashima Island

Hashima Island (sometimes known as Battleship Island in English) is an abandoned island about 15 km off the coast of Nagasaki.


Known for its undersea coal mines the island was deserted in 1974 when the mine closed and is now a major Japanese tourist spot with talk about it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Cape May Bunker,New Jersey

With seven foot walls this bunker is another hold out from WW2 sitting rather incongruously on a beach in New Jersey. It was never meant to be a permanent structure but has now become a local attraction for  sightseers to the area.


Six Flags, New Orleans

Currently owned by the  state of New Orleans this theme park has been abandoned since just before Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Six flags did run and own the park but after accessing the damage from Katrina they decided it wasn’t cost effective to re-open the park and spent several years arguing with the state of New Orleans about their 75 year lease, finally getting out of it in 2009 and the parks stood empty ever since!


Is it just us or are abandoned theme parks nearly as creepy as clowns?


Aniva Rock House Lighthouse, Russia

The Aniva lighthouse was built by the Japanese in 1939 on an island located between the sea of Japan and Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk.

Since then numerous territorial disputes led to some half a million Japanese residents being evacuated during WW2 and the island has remained abandoned ever since.

Aniva Rock House Lighthouse, Russia


Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan is a small island at the junction of three lochs in Scotland. The small castle on the island was built in the thirteenth century before being destroyed in the Jacobite rebellion of 1719.

The ruins were re-built in the twentieth century to their current condition and have since featured in numerous movies, TV shows, commercials and pictures as the eponymous Scottish Highland castle.

Eilean Donan


Dadipark, Belgium

We were right!

There really isn’t anything as quite as creepy as an abandoned amusement park!


Dadipark in Belgium was abandoned over ten years ago after a series of tragic accidents and has stood untouched since…


Prora, Germany

Prora is an abandoned beach resort on the island of Rugen, Germany. Built between 1936 and 1939, as part of a Nazi funded Strength Through Joy project, the complex was finished but never actually used.


It now enjoys an official heritage listing in Germany as a striking example of Third Reich Architecture.


Wonderland Amusement Park, Beijing

Wonderland, located just twenty miles outside of Beijing, was supposed to be the biggest amusement park in Asia but construction stopped in 1998 due to a lack of finances and despite an attempt to finish it in 2008 it’s stayed in its incomplete state to this day…

Valley of the Mills, Sorrento

Completely abandoned now a mill has stood in this valley in Sorrento in one form or another since at least 900AD!

Would you be brave enough to visit any of these as part of your cruise ships excursions?

What are the creepiest places you have ever visited?

Have you?

Which did you find the creepiest? (For us it was the abandoned amusement parks!)

Let us know in the comments below….