11 Of The Best Cruise Tips We’ve Ever Heard!

February 24, 2016

Here at www.CRUISE.co.uk we love it when customers leave us detailed reviews of their cruises. Whether it’s to complain about something, to praise the staff or to give fellow passengers advice – we want to hear it!

These reviews (which you can have a look at here) are all completely unedited by us or the cruise lines. You have your say and we listen – no matter how positive or negative the review.

It’s great to hear how much fun they’ve had on their holiday, and we’ve recently combed the reviews to find the best tips we’ve heard from passengers to help new cruisers or existing cruisers have the holiday of a lifetime!

Read on to find out what advice they have for you…


Beware Of Belts At Airports!

One passenger told us that he bought a special metallic free belt so that he would not have to remove it at the airport – but once arriving was asked to remove it anyway as it was the airports policy! His advice? Don’t waste your money on a non-metallic belt – stick with your old one!

You can read more of his review here.

airport security


Remember To Pick Up Any Photographs

One passenger found out the hard way that if you don’t go and get your photographs of your cruise – it’s too late! Few cruise lines post these photos online, and you will have lost out if you wait until you leave as your pictures won’t follow you home – even if you’ve already paid for them.

Read more tips from a passengers time on-board Royal Caribbean here.


Don’t Panic If You Can’t Book

If you haven’t booked speciality restaurants or shows in advance on a Royal Caribbean cruise and want to do so on the Royal IQ app – and then find you don’t know how to make it work… Do things the old fashioned way! Reeve from Halifax told us that the staff at Guest Services or the Booking Desk can be much more helpful – and a little easier to use! So if you are technophobic and still prefer to do things in person, you don’t need to worry.

Read more about his tips and tricks from his time on Quantum of the Seas here.


How To Make New Friends

If you’re travelling solo or as a couple, you will probably want to make some new friends! But what exactly is the best way to go about meeting new people? Our cruisers told us that even if you are travelling as a couple – you should ask to sit at a table of 6 to meet interesting like-minded cruisers to enjoy your holiday experience with!

Read more top tips from Shore here.

group dining


Double Check What’s Included

Sounds like an obvious tip – but you’d be amazed by how many passengers are taken by surprise by what is included. Double check if things such as water are included if you haven’t opted for a drinks package and find out its price on-board to see if you choice is actually the best option!

Find out more about why this was necessary for one passenger here.


Don’t Be Afraid To Go It Alone

One passenger told us her heartfelt account of going it alone for the first time after becoming widowed. Despite being worried her disability would hold her back she managed to have a great holiday. Her advice? Set yourself a daily routine to increase a feeling of stability on-board.

I felt a stronger person for having achieved this break on my own. So to all those people reading this who might be wondering if they could manage a holiday on their own then I’d say go for it and to all of the people on the ship who went out of their way to talk to me and offer support then I give them my heartfelt thanks.”

If you are thinking about sailing solo, read her brave account here.


How To Mingle As A Solo Traveller

After reading her account, another solo passenger left us with this advice in the comments:

“Ask for a place at first or second sitting on a circular table for six – all solos – and preferably without a ‘drinks package’ amongst them… & Attend the solos gatherings. You won’t remember the names but you will get a free drink and no doubt meet at least one soulmate.”

Sounds like great advice to us!

group dinner drinks


Be Careful With An Upgrade

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve read a review where a passenger has had an upgrade they didn’t like! One passenger told us that they were upgraded to a balcony – but the room they were given was actually smaller than their original cabin. An upgrade is always a gamble – so be careful when saying yes!

You can read more about this passenger’s experience of an upgrade here.


Watch Out For Port Taxi Drivers

Many cruisers recommend hopping in a taxi rather than taking a shore excursion with a cruise line. Whilst this can save you a lot of money – you need to be careful. Haylett from Southampton told us about their experience of being driven a mere 200 yards down the road – as the taxi driver drove them around in a large circle to rip them off! Our advice? Always check how far you need to travel in your taxi before you get in it so you know if you are being taken for a ride or whether the location could actually be in walking distance.

You can read more of their review here.


Bring A Tea Bag!

As our customer advised us here, sometimes you just can’t beat a perfect cup of tea! The problem is that you can’t always guarantee that your cruise will provide you with your favourite bag, particularly if you like speciality teas or have a fondness for earl grey. Solve this by packing a few of your favourite tea bags in your suitcase. Then you only need ask for hot water!



Go Behind The Scenes

You may have heard of behind the scenes tours on cruise ships and dismissed them as a waste of time. But again and again we hear from passengers who have raved about their tour! Partington left us a review telling us how much they had enjoyed their tour (which you can read here)! Have you ever been on a behind the scenes tour?

If you’re interested in reading more reviews or want to write your own review to help your fellow cruisers – click here! 

So there you have it! Have you heard any of these tips before? Will you be trying them on your next cruise? Let us know in the comments below!