10 Airplane Hacks To Keep You Sane On Your Next Long Haul Flight

December 29, 2015

We all know a cruise holiday is one of the most relaxing types of holiday you can take but just like all holidays it can be marred slightly by a bad flight. Whether it’s arriving stressed or coming back in a bad mood, there’s nothing that can quite compare to a bad flight.

With that thought in mind we reached out to our cruise community and asked them for their top tips on flying, whether it be before you go, in the airport or when you’re actually on the plane.

Make sure you read these great tips from our the frequent flyers amongst our cruise community on how to cope with being stuck on a crowded, noisy flight…


Who wants second-hand headphones?

Bring your own headphones! Many airlines supply these for free… however many do not. If you’re worried about staying entertained then make sure you pack your own.

Actually that’s good advice even if the headphones are provided for free. In order to save money they won’t be single use headphones so you’ll never know how many people have used them before you. Packing your own seems a much better idea doesn’t it?


Airplane food… We’ll say no more!

Mmmm, airline food… said nobody ever!

Instead of forcing yourself to eat airline food try packing your own (just check your choices comply with airline regulations about transporting food first). This will save you money (you won’t have to eat at the airport and pay their inflated prices) and your stomach!Long Haul Flight


Because climbing over complete strangers is never fun…

Always opt for an aisle seat if you can. At high altitudes window seats can be cold places as the freezing air can leak through the window. Opting for an aisle seat will keep you warm with the added bonus of not having to climb over multiple people every time you want to get up to the toilet.


Wrap up warm

Another tip is to wear layers. If you’re cold you can stay wrapped up warm but if you’re to hot you can always take some clothes off. The key is being prepared for any eventuality.


Your own oxygen supply might be going a bit far though…

We don’t like to sound paranoid but as they’re an enclosed environment airplanes can be a hot bed for germs. Make sure you pack your hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes to kill all those germs. Oh and make sure you wipe down your table tray before you use it. These aren’t always cleaned between flights so make sure you do before you use it!


airline hacksChoosing the perfect plane seat…

If you don’t have pre booked seats and instead get to choose where you sit have a scan around the cabin first. Try to choose a seat far away from babies, groups of friends (who will be rather chatty all flight) or women. For the record we’re not being sexist here… apparently women take more bathroom breaks than men so sitting next to a single male traveller should accord you a quieter, less interrupted flight.


ASBO supplied separately

Supermarkets may not be a fan of them but hoodies make for a great flight experience. They’re warm and if it’s a noisy flight you can just pop the hood up and retreat from the world till it’s time to land!


Another great tip for those in flight meals…

When you’re booking your meals always opt for the vegetarian option. The food should be a lot less stodgy and greasy, you tend to get served first and niche meals are made in smaller batches (so hopefully the quality will be better!)


Silence is golden (unless you’re a parent… then it’s just suspicious)

Pack your ear plugs! If you do get stuck behind a screaming baby or a chatty group of friends then being able to pop them in and sleep will be a god send.Fly cruise


If you ever try this we want to hear about it!

This final tip requires a bit of bravery on your part but we’ve heard does sometimes work. If you’re travelling on your own try and make sure you’re the last person to board. Then, if you notice any empty seats in business or first class just sit down on the basis that you’re the last person to board so the seat is obviously going empty.

Then you just have to hope the flight attendants don’t question it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but hey… it has to be worth a try right?


What do you think? Would you ever be brave enough to try any of these? Have you?

What’s your best tip for an enjoyable flight?

Do you get stressed by long haul flights ?

Let us know in the comments below…


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