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How to Stretch a Cruise Ship!

By Warwick Van Reenen

Oct 23 2017 06:24:40:000AM

Warwick Van Reenen's blog

Bigger ships are sought-after because demand for holiday cruises is growing rapidly worldwide. According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), passenger numbers rose to 22 million in 2014 from 13.1 million 10 years earlier. A recent survey of cruise passengers found that the trips were increasingly popular with younger travelers and suggested that the all-inclusive nature of cruises, making it easier planning and cost management were among the reasons why they preferred them...

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Heading to the Caribbean?

By Ruby Perkins

Oct 22 2017 10:26:27:000PM

Ruby Perkins's blog

With major hurricanes bartering through the United Stated and the Caribbean over the last couple of months I have received a huge amount of calls from obviously concerned passengers as to whether their cruise will still be happening, and if so will the itinerary still be the same.Having worked in the Caribbean for a couple of years with Thomson I have been in the middle of a couple of Hurricanes and dealt with the aftermath too from evacuating Islands, to holding the fort in hurricane shelter...

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What is it about Celebrity Cruises?

By Hannah Wilson

Oct 21 2017 05:37:41:000PM

Hannah Wilson's blog

……… that I love so much! Apart from loving their fabulous ships which have a most luxurious feel about them that is? They realy are my favourite main stream cruise line, have been for a long time and probably will remain my favourite unless one of the other mainstream cruise lines really up’s their game.Of course it will come as no surprise to anyone that it is the food as much as anything that I love. For me, no other cruise line can touch Celebrity when it comes to f...

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