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    Is there a friend, relative, old teacher, employer etc, who could be relied on to give a blessing in his/her own manner? It could be as serious or jovial as the couple prefer- you know them best-and could include a poem or favourite piece of prose. You could make a feature corner in the club, with flowers on a table, and a photo of the original day..... Choose some appropriate music for them to walk into, and something bright to walk out to!
    Have fun!
    Hi Guy
    It is not possible to have another legal ceremony but as Jo says it would be nice to get people that know your son/the couple to do readings etc along with music and photographs. It could be as formal or informal as they want. As many people as you want could join in and it would cost anything. Then have a party afterwards.:D

    shaken, not purred

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    Thanks you, some more good ideas! The party was always top of the list:D My OH composed, and then played walking in and then out music for my daughters wedding in Aug, maybe he could do that again, but I hadn't thought of an old friend saying something, just have to think of who could do it...Carol

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