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    I don't contribute much to this forum any more, but I do pop over from time-to-time.

    I just wanted to say that I find the question I've highlighted completely out-of-order. Please do not blame the technical staff for this website's issues. Technical staff tend to be told to implement systems by people with little understanding of the underlying infrastructure - which, I suggest, is where the problem lies.


    Ahhh, Dave.

    Your incisive comments have been missed!

    ps. It's the 'regards' which creases me up.

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    Although the forum is still very slow and 'hanging' when clicking between topics - the Home page Q & A, Reviews etc is getting better speeds.
    That is when you can actually get on. Delighted to see the Home page appear when I did my test click this morning but when I went for the Reviews section one window opened back on the Down for Maintenance page and te second window (Whydoes that happen!) went straight to the forum section.
    Second try got me into the Q&A's section and after that - into all sections. What is that saying? ahh yes 'Make haste slowly'
    Sandie, that "clicking on Reviews and getting the forum" thing happens quite often to me and I have commented to Man Friday about it but nothing happened. It is annoying

    shaken, not purred

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