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    Jan 2010
    With all the lovely food on offer last year in the various restaurants on the Azura I found it impossible to refuse to at least try ... I though it a bit impolite not to do so ... I did put on 1stone 4lbs in the 2 weeks. The good news is I am back to my weight pre cruise just in time for my next one in 4 weeks.

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    I eat what I like and never put much weight on in fact I lost half a stone on my last cruise.

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    Do I eat healthily on cruises

    put lots on the 1st few cruises I did but found it too hard to get off so have just done a 24day cruise and only put 4lbs and that was probably the booze. Try to eat healthily but does not always work never do tea or eat between meals whilst on a cruise or I would put stones on

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    Do you try to healthily on board

    Got back from a cruise last Saturday & put on 7 pounds,ate what I fancied but tried to keep away from the cakes.O.H. put on nearly a stone,don't like to think what he would have gained if we had been on 2wks. Ate mostly in the dining rooms having a la carte rather than self service. Probably the alcohol didn't help. Already lost 2 1/2 pounds of it.Last time I put on a lot more weight as we had a 2wk cruise.

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    On a similar site someone said that they tried to keep to a balanced diet when they were away on a cruise - this meant a fork in one hand and a glass in the other!!! Well, I thought it was funny!

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    And none of us ate the chocolate cake or Tiramasu in White's, did we?
    Or the raspberry roulade......
    I only ate one pud but I know someone else who scoffed two. He said they were delicious!

    As I have a job where I'm sitting down all day I get a lot more exercise on a ship, just walking to the buffet. I try to use the stairs where possible and we are always on the go. I was really put off in 2010 because we sat behind a very overweight couple (and I'm no skinny myself) who were eating a huge meal. They got up to go back to the buffet and I expected them to return with a pud, but no, they had another mountain of the first course. It was disgusting really, nobody could possibly be that hungry.

    By the middle of the second week I'm usually fed up with the sight of food and sometimes opt for a starter and pud at dinner, missing out the main course altogether.

    BTW, on IoTS we got friendly with our waitress who confided that we would be surprised how much of the food came ready prepared and was just finished off on board. She said all the sauces were ready made and the cakes. I wasn't surprised, because of the numbers being catered for I couldn't see how it could be done any other way.

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    It's the extra meal at teatime that does it for me - I can't resist those lovely little rolls and cakes, and it's a long time until second sitting dinner! Oh, and the breakfast croissants. And I always have pudding, which I don't eat at home. I usually put on about 8 lbs in two weeks which makes me realise how piggy I've been. Don't drink lots though and do try and walk as much as possible. However, I don't believe in denying myself when I'm on holiday!

    Off on Azura this Friday - only booked last week! No panic in our household whatsoever ....


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    I do try, really I do. OH comes back from a cruise just as slim as when we started off whilst I daren't look at the scales. However, you've all made me feel so much better - it isn't just me then!!!

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    Oh yeh?
    Barbieg.... I'll bet you are not panicking
    Daughter has been on a diet for 3 months ready for this cruise, they are nearly packed.
    I put on the usual 7lbs on Azura last month. Great ship, great food .. Have a great cruise.

    *Carol M*

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    I don't consciously watch what I'm eating but take exercise on board and ashore and last Med cruise in August only gained 2lbs. I have very little bread but don't stint on the wine at lunch and dinner - and in between!

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