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    i often wondered who Dorothy was now i know

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    I am a little bit amazed by this as we have traveled with Cunard a fair number of times and have never known anyone turned away from a FOD meet up.
    As a Gay Man I too do find the FOD name slightly old fashioned and wonder why it is used, as many young Gay men would have no idea what it meant, where as Pride or LGBT Meet would be much more useful.

    Also Cunard hold these at strange times during the day, where as Celebrity Eclipse's FOD meet was at Cocktail Hour (7pm), which made much more sense.

    If we go to these FOD meetings does that make us FODDER!

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    It puzzles me rather, given that FOD meetings are not organised by the male gay cruisers themselves but are simply scheduled by the cruise director on each ship. Who, therefore, is laying down the law on who can attend here? It's being assumed by some people that FOD refers only to gay men, but I know a few gay women who would be surprised to hear they cannot include themselves.

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    Ignore them next time...

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    it wasnt staff but a fod passenger
    This person was clearly misguided, mysognist and rude. Sadly LGBT or not idiots happen!!

    Whilst under the circumstances standing your ground is difficult, and being where someone really doesnt want you to be is uncomfortable go for it girl!!

    My issue is that the cruise staff don't support the mixers... why not they do for singles!!


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