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    My experience is to think about who the clientelle are going to be on a specific trip.

    RCCI are fine and will arrange LGBT meetings etc, but on a transatlantic from Galveston with 80% of the passengers from Texas (and all that good old bouy redneck attitude!) It simply wasnt going to be comfortable to out oneself by attending!

    So... I stayed in the very comfortable closet... which I felt really guilty about because some of the BME crew were really getting it all around me.

    RCCI I would do again at the drop of a hat.. but not straight out of Texas!!

    Similarly on a recent Princess 21 night Panama transit with a profile of older pasengers... lots of comments being made about some boys who were clearly together. However with a 40% Brit contingent it was much easier and safer to just be me and to challenge quietly but firmly!

    So make good choices people, and have a fabulous time whatever you choose to do (and with whomever you choose to do it)!!


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    Last year my partner and I took a vacation in Croatia with It was an organised 7 day gay sailing trip, the organisation was great, we had no problems what so ever and the things they have planed and offered were really something to remember, partying all day long, lonely beaches, gathering and all together couldnt been any better..

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